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Today, I had a meeting with a new teacher and it went extremely well. I had concerns regarding my son's grade in one class. I wrote down some notes about how well he had done in the past with full disclosure on the number of hours invested into his homework each night with some major help from his parents. I also included notes related the concerns that my son mentioned along with my thoughts as a parent.

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I believe that preparation was essential and also communicating respectfully. It certainly helps when both parent and teacher are able to speak and listen to one another. In this situation, I found out that my son is "extremely social" and we all know what that means! Apparently, this is the major reason why he is missing important information that is being taught.

In the end, the teacher recognized that he comes in for lunch tutoring when it is offered and that made a great impact his attitude towards learning. I made a suggestion in allowing kids to retake a quiz if it was extremely difficult so that they could master the information before moving on to the next teaching and the teacher agreed. I feel that it is beneficial for the student to increase their knowledge, helps their resiliency, and they will test better in that subject area.

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Many parents could benefit from communicating with their children’s teacher. I would have difficulty commenting effectively without getting angry. It takes patience and staying cool. Otherwise there would be no improvement.


I agree that effective communication is important and beneficial for everyone involved. Granted each person has their own personality, but as long as respect and the best interest of the child is the focal point, forward progress is achievable.

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