Curious Kitty @senseicat

in life •  2 months ago


My kitten is so incredibly entertaining! There is no part of my home that has gone unexplored. One day, I caught him on the top shelf of my closet as he was playing with wrapping paper. This morning, he started to pull out my son's clothing items from an open drawer. I figured out what was happening when I noticed all sorts of items misplaced around the house. Satoshi's imagination gets the best of him!

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Wow, your kitten is beautiful ... you are making me wish I had one , nice picture

@senseicat I see you have the Furminator, my Daughter in Law has one and She says that it greatly reduces cat hair in the house. We are putting in all tile and wood flooring in our remodel, getting rid of wall to wall carpet. We are going to try one of the robotic vacuum's, hopefully my wild child does not attack it!!! :)

Beautiful kitten....

It is a very curious cat loves to explore and discover new things hehe is funny!

hahaha she is going to get shave.. oooooo