Small Flowers on the Roadside

in #life4 years ago

This flower grows well on the roadside even in the midst of hot and dusty weather and the hustle and bustle of the streets.
I think, the street has raised this flower very well.
Actually, not once or twice did I see this little flower on the side of the road but several times until I was unable to hold myself back before photographing it.

Respectful Greetings!


oh yes...please more beautiful images..of the botany of your region sister!

Thanks Brother 👌

sister seha!!!!! read this post!!!!

Brother @rawutah ! Thank you! Seha knows Nathan well. He gave a lot of votes to Seha some time ago. He is a good and idealistic person. :)

But thanks! Let Seha walk as Seha is. Seha has Cripto and understands how to buy SP but Seha stays as Seha :)

Thank's 😘

thanks for being here today....and for being my sister! :)

:) i love that sister!!!! you are soooo felt! i love how seha is! you're perfect as you are...and i'm so grateful you share as you do...and when you do. so much aloha and love sister!

Being a good brother is more than enough.😆


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