Why Reading Is The Single Greatest Habit To Become Smarter

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I have always loved to read and write and those of you who have been following me for some time at least, probably already know that. There is something about the world of books, knowledge and imagination, that I just can’t escape.

They say, ‘information is power’ and I think they are right, whoever they are. It’s no wonder that we live in the information age where we have access to the entirety of human knowledge in the palm of our hands.

With access to such a huge wealth of info, I think we as a race, are getting smarter (even though the choices of some people really make me question that, but that is a topic for another day).

Anyways, today I wanted to share some of my views about why I think reading is the single greatest habit that one can get into to become smarter.

Read, Read, Read!!

All of us are different and so are interested in different things, but no matter what your favourite topics are, there are probably thousands of books and articles on them for you to read.

As you read, you absorb information about several aspects of the same thing. This not only makes you knowledgeable, but also opens up your perspective so that you have a broader understanding of a given subject.

Smartness also involves using one’s knowledge in various ways to solve the problems at hand. Some of the really successful people have such highly creative ways of solving problems that it might seem wizardry at first sight.

It’s not any type of sorcery though, it’s all about what information you have and how you are able to use it. No doubt the average CEO reads about 60 books a year! You never know what life changing piece of knowledge you might stumble upon.

Real Learning Starts After College

When we are in school or college, we have this misconception that once we graduate from college, we will be fully equipped to handle anything life throws at us. But the truth cannot be further away from that.

In reality, life begins once we graduate from college and we learn that every step of the way. The fact is that life never stops teaching you, as my friend @manisha.jain9 loves saying. The only thing we can do is to try to be prepared for whatever may come in our way.

And for that, reading serves as the ultimate tool at our disposal. Whether it is finances, life, safety, being a parent, health or anything else, reading books or articles can really prepare you for what you face or are about to face in life.

I hope that even by reading this article, you gained something useful. Even if it is a little motivation to dust off those books in your shelf and start reading.

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It's funny....when I was a kid my parents always tried to get me to read, but it was more novels and stuff. I read all the time now, but it's all self-help and developmental stuff. I never read novels. Personally, to hear a story, I'll watch a movie. I agree though, there's sooooo much infinite knowledge available if you just read! Cheers, nice post!! :)


It depends on the person, I guess. I personally love reading novels and I get to learn a lot even from a fictional story. But yeah, all sorts of reading material out there and an infinite knowledge to learn from :)

Not only for self-growth and mental exercise, but reading is also a great tool, especially for us bloggers who have to keep learning no matter what, so we can keep sharing and developing new ideas.


Yeah, even if you're not a blogger, you need to keep learning in life for various things I have mentioned and all of that can be easily done....just by reading.

How did you know what i just did. I have just dusted my book titled "Fear Fighters" by Jentezen Franklin. Thank you @sauravrungta. You made my day.


hehe I am glad you did that. Reading is always fun for me and I often dust some old books as well :)

Nice blog buddy frnd .. i also love to read books .. reading habit is the best becz it also makes us positive viewer, makes us stronger, motivates us, and very importantly it make us knowledgeable ..

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That's right! There are lots of benefits of reading. It is a wonder that a lot of people don't do that these days.


That's so wise!