Creativity Starts With You - Looking For Many Different Things

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Creativity means different things to different people. To most of us, it means coming up with something original and new. Many would agree that originality is a good thing to pursue when trying to become more creative. It is hard to argue against originality. In fact, it has been a long standing argument among artists that originality is the key to success. While there are many who would disagree, there is still no denying that originality is indeed a part of creativity.

Creativity also involves thinking outside the box. Most of us are aware that some of the most successful and well received works were produced by individuals who were not necessarily "genre" artists. However, one need only look at the likes of James Joyce to see how true this can be. Joyce wrote almost 100 books in his lifetime, and while many were quickly published and sold, he wrote many of them in the form of prose poems. He broke all sorts of rules of poetry and writing, and while he didn't achieve commercial success, his prose writings still have immense popularity.

Creativity also involves taking risks. Many of us are afraid to take risks. Why? We are afraid of failing, of not living up to expectations, and of being rejected. Creativity is the art of failing and learning from failure. This is part of the survival gene we all possess, and it is something we can all use.

Creativity also includes having a vision. Vision is the key to creativity. Without a clear direction, there will be chaos. With a clear direction, there will be order. This is why many artistic geniuses were actually quite disorganized, often using multiple brains to solve problems.

Creativity also includes collaborating with others. The best work comes from teams. Collaboration is the cornerstone of many creative geniuses' empires. It is also the hallmark of many failed careers.

Creativity is also a matter of temperament. Those who are more creative tend to be more open to new experiences and ideas. People with higher creativeness are more likely to be flexible and willing to try new things. Creativity is also a matter of observation and experience.

Creativity is a multi-faceted quality. While there are many different aspects of creativeness, those who focus their efforts on the more subtle qualities tend to be more successful. Those who look at the larger picture often get lost in the sea of complexities. In order to become most creative, you need to balance your imagination with your practical knowledge.

Creativity can be defined by those who possess it. For some it is clear ability to visualize a product or idea before anyone else. For others it is the capacity to turn an idea into reality with a systematic approach. Still others have the ability to think up countless combinations of words or images that end up forming an interesting piece of writing or art. Creativity can be learned and developed, but it is always available within you, so it makes sense to look for it everyday.

The most important thing about creativity is looking for it everywhere. The more open-minded you are, the more creativity you will find. This is especially important if you want to pursue a career in creative arts, because there are many different types of artistic expression. You could choose to express yourself through dance, painting, music, sculpture, photography, literature, film, theater or even stage performance. There are creative careers available in each of these areas and you could take any that appeal to you. Each of these works takes time and effort to master, so if you're looking for creativity in all areas of your life, you'll find it more easily.

Another key aspect of creativity is taking advantage of your feelings and personal experiences. The best of these feelings and experiences are turned into wonderful works of art, whether they are put onto paper or made into jewelry. The ability to listen to your heart and seek out your own creative passions is one of the most essential creative skills.

Creativity also means being open to other people's points of view. If you don't take the time to listen to and look at other people's points of view, you may get stuck with ideas that don't seem viable. It's not helpful to be stuck with nothing, so if you don't know how to listen to and look at other people's ideas, you will be less creative. Also, if you have difficulty opening up to new ideas, you won't know how to pursue them creatively either.

Creativity means looking for many different things in everything. If you don't look for them, you won't discover your own creative abilities. So, keep looking, look for your own special creative voice and start expressing yourself creatively.

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