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RE: Fitness Challenge - June Report

in #life2 years ago (edited)

I checked my weight about a month ago it was 66 kg. Last night i checked my weight it was 70 kg. Now i am thinking of some workout in gym in order not to increase any further. what do you suggest workout or early morning walk.


First, I suggest you go on the scale in the morning in your pants before you eat anything so you can see progress. I do a 2 kilometer walk and a 30-minute exercise in the morning before breakfast and it all depends on when you have time for it. I suggest you also try juicing, this will speed-up everything.

Thank you for the feedback. i walk for about 2 to 3 kilometer after dinner almost every night but not doing any exercise now i am going to start it also. i am also going to start your green juice recipe so hopefully it would workout.

Thank you very much for sharing with us that you walk every evening and that you are going to try juicing.

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