8 Lessons From Working on Psychic Hotlines

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I've worked on a Psychic hotline reading tarot cards part-time for 3 years so far. I still work on the Psychic app when I feel like it. If you are intuitive, an Empath or wanting to start your own spiritual business, here are my 8 life saving tips.

Thanks for watching :) I mean no disrespect to people who believe in "twin flames", but there is a difference between toxic relationships and twin flames. I aim to educate and empower.

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I totally agree with the phone. Yesterday, Sunday, I decided not to get online or look at my phone for the day--still did a bit, but want to start abstaining at least once a week after thinking about how poisonous the phones can become.

Thanks @kimberlylane Have a great day!

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Excellent insight, @sarahjordan! And I love that you have a degree in counseling - I've always felt tarot and talk therapy worked wonders together.

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Thanks a bunch @traciyork I agree that counseling and tarot are a natural fit :)