I'm fabulous with my hair

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I'm faboulous (with my hair).


I’ve been always fairly hairy.

I remember when I was 10, during my childish summers in Sicily, the first time that my uncle saw my armpits, telling me shockingly: “Did your mother should not explain how you should get rid of it?”

I remember when I was 21, living in France for my Erasmus exchange and having a French boyfriend who was repeatedly telling me how I looked so fascinatingly Portuguese (long-life to stereotypes!?!), still making me feel heavier the weight of the hair.

I remember when I was 26 travelling in the countryside in Emilia Romagna with my feet up to the dashboard, having my mates commenting how my legs hair looked like hair cats.

I remember when I was 30 and be totally in love (platonically) with a model girlfriend who posed for life drawing and it was a celebration of a forest of Amazzonia. I was so proud and admiring of her.

In the grip of patriarchy, I still feel guilty if I “let myself go”.

When I lived in the countryside in Nepal, in a place where women cover their shoulders and their knees and they don’t hang after 6,30 pm, I stop to care about it.

Nobody was pointing at me.

When I moved to Cambodia, where women wear shorts and very sexy half-naked clothes, I have been keeping my hair armpits for a while.

Some people stare at me and I listen to some music and pretend to not notice anything, looking away and imagining myself in a movie to boost my confidence.

Those who know me well, know that I'm comfortable with my hair since I decided that shaving wasn't a priority anymore.

I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love me the way I am, with my hair.
I wish I have the guts to say something loud to those people staring at my hair.

With this celebrative post, I’m getting rid of the sense of guiltiness that men always cultivated in me.

Long life to my hair!

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You're just plain fabulous, not only with your hair, but all around 100. We ♥ Sandrina!


Sandrina ♥ you back

I'd be staring out of admiration, but I wouldn't be rude or a dick about it. To me, nothing is sexier than a treasure trail! I find it so incredibly sexy when I see a woman confident and cool with her body- whatever its shape, size, style, how its even adorned. More power to you, sister!


Treasure trail is a new one for me! I've always heard it called the happy trail or sometimes the snail trail.

I just don't like how it seems to suck up my sweaty smells like a curly arm sponge.

Whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn't sink mine. I find it so so so sexy😂


I think it is incredibly sexy, hormones are all about smell and hair!

I don't know that it really has anything to do with "patriarchy". There would likely be social rules for style and grooming that people were judged for not adhering to even if men didn't exist. It's easy to blame "the patriarchy" but the truth is that people are assholes and were taught to be as such by those around them.

Hats off to you @sandrina.life :) Removing body hair should be something we speak about more so thank you for sharing your experiences and initiating a dialogue.

I come from a country where women are conditioned to get rid of any excessive hair from a very young age. I always had big bushy eyebrows and have been threading them and waxing other parts of my body simply because of societal conditioning. At one point of time, I would even be embarrassed to see my boyfriend if I had 'let myself go'.

I've changed entirely now. I stopped waxing and threading when I went to France where I found myself around amazing women who didn't seem to care about bodily hair. I 'let myself go' for long periods of time but still wax maybe twice a year simply because I like to have a change, haha. Interestingly, this change brought more flak from women, even good friends, who would go as far as saying 'Isn't it time you waxed/ visited a salon?' or 'Why do you want to look like a bear?'.

I've learnt to not care anymore so it doesn't matter. I wax if I want to. Most of the time I don't. And to hell with anyone who has a problem with that.


Brilliant! Fuck them! I love my armpits and I keep the hair there and in my lady garden :D with my legs I waax when I feel too <3

In the victorian time and earlier women did not 'dehair' themselves, of course much of it was hidden under clothes, but still it wasn't a thing. Who really cares one way or the other. Also the general woman and the 'nice' ladies didn't wear makeup either, they just went au natural.

My rebellious stage at uni was being counter to all the counter culture kids and I'd wear Victorian clothes, corset lace up boots and not sexy steam punk I mean literally a corset under a corset cover and a shirtwaist and petticoats and then a skirt and stockings and boots etc. I got many stares and sometimes people would even be shocked, people are afraid of difference, but that is just part of the human condition of survival. watch a flock of sheep, if one sticks out, it gets eaten, so humans still have that mentality.