Team Building Trips and Vacations – A great way to bond!

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So I was sitting in my office chair and wondering … what I am doing with your life. That’s the kind of thought that keeps coming to you every now and then and you have to shake it up and analyze your life and your aims. It is a good reminder to reevaluate your thoughts every now and then but today it took me in another direction. I started thinking about how I do love my work and like working with my colleagues but it’s the office environment that gets me down. I work with a small team and there's hardly any politics involved since there is no hierarchy system. All my colleagues in my small team are my friends and we understand each other to some level. We go out for lunch together often but then that’s it. We never hang out with each other than that. In fact, I think that we understand each other only in the work environment and there is much more to know other than that.


While I was thinking that, I started searching on how colleagues can bond on different levels and still manage to maintain a professional relationship. As I was wondering this, I started surfing the internet and came across the term “Team building vacation”. To be honest, I was blown away. I sit in an office all day and I have spent two years in the same office, with the same colleagues and I still didn’t know about this term! So big corporate companies make this happen at least yearly. They arrange small fun vacations for their employees that serves as a way to bond employees with each other and come out even stronger as a team.
Sure I don’t work with a big team but that doesn’t mean I cant do these activities with them! As I searched deeper into this, I found out a number of options that companies go for and kept getting amazed at how fun some of these options are! Here are some of the best options that I came across(until my boss walked in on me). So here goes.

Cruise Trips:
I know cruise can be expensive but the number and type of activities they offer you to do is totally worth it! I used to think that cruise only offers couple activities but all these cool activities can also be done with teams. You can different games that involve physical movement and sometimes you can also enjoy a musical retreat in the hall. Its all about how you want to unveil and relax.


Beach trips:
Who doesn’t like beach trips? That too with your colleagues! Well, ok it might be not as much fun with the colleagues you are not really a fan of but here is the thing with beach trips, everybody finds it relaxing! If you and your team are more into fun activities then you can also play beach games such as throw ball on the beach or just sit around the corner, talk to each other while the sun sets.


Survival techniques learning trips:
Apart from leisure trips, team building trip also includes learning a new skill such as surviving a crash as the sea. So it can be an eight hours long trip where all of the participants get on a boat or a kayak and learn how to survive a sea crash. This gets you all wet and you learn this skill in the most fun way where it also simultaneously teaches you leadership and teamwork. I think it serves as a big break as well!


Shark spotting:
Talking about getting wet, some companies around Australia, North America, and Africa also offer shark spot that allows you to spot and at times also interact with the famous white shark! Now that a fun, adventurous activity to do and I believe it unveils everyone fears and makes the employees see another side of each other. This should be fun!


I am always in for adventure and I think my top favorite activities on this list too include adventure. Caving is yet another awesome way of spending a day with the colleagues where you get to explore, take risks and use your observation skills as well as adventurous spirit. Different time durations are offered by various groups and you along with your team can choose to spend the whole day or as less as an hour or two exploring together.



I was with you until the end. But a shark the ocean...with a Great White with teeth as big as my hand??? Are you friggin' nuts? That's not team building, that's herd thinning!

Although, now that I think about it, there are a few co-workers I wouldn't mind setting up as bait, er, um...shark diving adventurists. Hmmmm...

Never mind. Carry on!

PS If you know where I can find an adventure like this, let me know. Asking for a co-worker, er, um...friend.

Being in that shark cage would be extremely cool, but scary.