Homeschooling Prevents Children to adopt various Skills

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Learning is an essential process and it is an important part of one’s life. A person should be enthusiastic to find more about the world around him. He tries with whatever mean he has in order to obtain knowledge. But due to some reasons, some people are forced into homeschooling. Overall homeschooling has its fair share of pros and cons. It all depends on the circumstances that the person is going through. Or it may be his preference. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter.

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In the case of homeschooling, the child’s attitude is the main hurdle. If a child is passionate enough to learn more and his teacher is quite ardor about teaching him then it does not matter whether or not he is being homeschooled or if he is learning from a school. It is actually with what objective the child has approached education. It is the passionate force that drives him.

However homeschooling is not all that great. The child becomes the center of attention and the teacher only focuses on him, making the child nervous, and it becomes hard to even learn anything. The main objective should be learning.

It was wisely said:

"The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards"


It is true that children who go to public schools get to learn a lot, other than just studying they get to participate in extra-curricular activities and also get to socialize which later helps them in their lives. They get to encounter people of different personalities and groom in a confident way. On the other hand, children who are homeschooled do not have complete access to these things, they don’t get the opportunity to encounter many different personalities and their confidence also lingers.

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In public schools class sizes are often very large, there is only one teacher for a class of 30 students. Which means that every child does not get the attention they need, ones who are gifted learn promptly and get the highest scores while the ones who do not have the capacity to learn quickly lag and are thus left behind. But if all the attention is given to one child he/she may get his/her concepts cleared and may also boost up his/her scores.

If one gets to know the personality of a child, that person can help him/ her more than anyone else can. Homeschooling is an opportunity designed for a child where all the focus is on him. A Childs capacities and personality is the main focus in homeschooling while in public schools a teacher cannot focus on one child only, her attention is divided to the strength of the whole class.


Some parents think that the quality of education given in public schools is not rich enough for their children, they want their child to have a better and richer educational experience than they had as a child. They also want safety for their children, as in the recent past years there have been incidences such as shooting at schools and even bullying.

"Any child who can spend an hour or two a day, or more if he wants with adults that he likes, who are interested in the world and like to talk about it will on most days learn a lot more from their talk than he would learn in a week of school"

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In the end, the parents feel that one should master in a subject rather than just get good grades and dump the knowledge out of the brain, this is what students studying in public schools usually do, they cram all the material on one last day before the test date and after the test they dump the material from their brains. A child who is homeschooled is taught in a way that he/ she gets proper knowledge about a subject, they get to travel while studying and get their concepts cleared while also making memories.

"Homeschooling has highs and lows and when you have a bad day it is helpful to remember that great homeschooling days are not a place that you get to when you have the right schedule, the right curriculum, or the right methods to your day. Everyone will have bad days everyone will have good days, it is the part of the package"

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Put your kids in public schools if you want them to be bullied and commit suicide.

Homeschooling can be very stressful, but it's also rewarding. Nevertheless, homeschooling is not for every parent, and parents unprepared or reluctant to make the obligation to be an effective teacher should avoid it.

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Homeschooling indeed has its fair share of pros and cons. Homeschooled children may lack social skills that kids in traditional schools have. If that's the case then it would be up for the parents to make sure that this problem must be addressed. My two cents worth on this is having homeschooled children engage in community activities where other children are involved or enrolling them in team sports activities where they get to work with a group thus making sure they wouldn't lack the necessary social and emotional interaction with other people.

I homeschool my daughter from the middle of her high school years and it was a blessing. she was still able to socialize with friends that she had made while going to school but she was struggling so desperately in school and I really couldn't get anywhere with the teachers so I pulled her out and was able to homeschool her full-time and with help and nurturing she was able to catch on to what she wasn't getting with the public school system furthermore she excelled where she was just doing well in the public school system. her senior year she wrote a full 200-page novel for her senior project. so I think homeschooling is definitely a plus for some parents that have the time to stay home and do that with their children and take them on trips and really teach them the history and you know just be able to give them the knowledge that they would learn in school plus the extra stuff that you get from living life. great post enjoyed it very much thank you.

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I see some real potential problems with homeschooling but they are all a result of poor execution. There's always a chance someone isn't going to do a good job of something.

Mostly I hear that the children will miss out on developing social skills. That's up to the parents to make sure that their children learn manners and how to behave in social situations. If they were smart about it they would also make sure the children spend time with other children and aren't completely isolated from human contact outside of their family.

The other thing is to make sure they actually learn something valuable. As much as many people don't like it, mathematics is a part of our society. Language, writing and speaking is important as well. If you raise illiterate children that can't perform the simplest math problem, they are probably going to have a difficult time even if they stay isolated from society.

Many of the things children learn in public school have value. I just wish our government wasn't training the children to be good, obedient drones at the same time. I wish they would stick to education. The propaganda and social engineering can go away.

Even if the parents don't do the best job educating their child. At the end of it all that child will probably be a better human being than if they went through the government system. The government system trains obedient tax payers. It doesn't care about making decent human beings.

There must be a balance between knowledge and other things a school provides to children.
There is not a perfect solution as schools aren't perfect and homeschooling isn't perfect as well.

One of the keys to "Socialising issues" with home schooling is to network with other home schoolers. Here where I live there are a tremendous number of home schooled kids but there is also a fantastic network of parents who meet regularly to have their students associate with others. It also allows parents to discuss their teaching methods with others to either give or seek advice.

In the majority I have found kids who have been home schooled to be more polite and have a more active attitude to learning. Those who have graduated seem to obtain employment faster. This is not meant to place Home schooling on a level above that provided by the normal system but as has already been said both systems have their pros and cons.

Certainly there has been a trend to home schooling because of perceived lack of progress in a public system and that includes such things as class sizes and bullying. There is of course also the stresses placed on teachers and the desire to push kids in certain directions. Another underlying reason for the increase in home schooling I found recently was that of costs, and it appears to be progressively becoming the major reason.

Very good