When Online-Steemian turn on In Real Life Steemian !

in life •  4 months ago


It's really strange for me to get in touch with Steemian in real life, especially with people you have talked online during hours the last past year.

It was already very strange for me to talk with people I didn't know except online...

I would never believe that one day I would say " I have met that person online and we became friends " ! It sounds so strange... But this is our world. A world 2.0 (even 3.0 ? :)) !

I am so happy to have finally meet IRL @teamsteem and @karensuestudios and I am very to have meet again my fellow Belgian, @joythewanderer ! :)

I can't be so much blessed for what Steem brought into my life.

-- Roxane

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great! it's always pleasure if you meet someone new and if it something with your working purpose it makes you more happy! ^_^

I know the excitent and can really see it.

Is it okay if someone tell me the full words on @teamsteem t.shirt...might want to print one for myself!


@jaraumoses " I will blog for Crypto - www.steemit.com " :) done by @papa-pepper if i remember well

It was soooo nice! haha <3 <3

Ohhh trop bien !!!

That's very cool indeed!
And makes me think about my south meeting idea.
I have to work on that.


Ha ben oui @stephde ! Fonce! C'est plutôt agréable de rencontrer des nouvelles personnes :) Y a bcp de gens / Steemiens dans ton coin ?


Bonjour @roxane.
Je ne connais que @paikan.
Peut-être que lui en connait d'autres.
Je lui avais soumis l'idée mais il a bien mieux à penser maintenant.
Je garde ça en tête pour l'automne.

Seems like @teamsteem is visiting a lot of people. Is he on a Steemian road trip. I read in exyles post that he going to Amsterdam. :)
Great to see people in real life :)


yeah @modernpastor :) He finally started to travel to visit his friends :)

Awesome! Hope to see you again soon. Are you planning to go to Steemfest?


Did you really go meet???


Not now, .. in London a while back :)
you stalker.


Adude, I was commenting and saw you comment just right before me. Hahaha


Of course @adetorrent !!!
And you ???

So nice you all got to meet. Just 4 people is already so much fun. Now, Imagine the passionate crew at Steem Fest! Scream mmmmm 🙊🙊


Wow..you actually met your steemit friends..I bet you must be so happy...
You should surely save this date somewhere...

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

am so happy to have finaly meet IRL @teamsteem and @karensuestudios and I am very to have meet again my fellow Belgian, @joythewanderer !
It should be finally instead of finaly.


Oh thank you :) Will correct that !

I totally relate, as you know!!!

Can't wait to see you again! At steemfest <3

Did it once ever and it was greattttttt.

We had so much fun! I can't wait to hang out with you some more!

Hey, I remember you in London Cryptocurrency Show! But I think you were in red dress that time, no? :)