[Steem Friendship] Already missing theses smiling faces...

in life •  4 months ago


Few weeks ago I had the chance to meet @teamsteem and to meet for the second time @karensuestudios and @joythewanderer in Belgium.

We all spent a day visiting Bruges and Ghent talking about travel, life, steem and others stuff.

This is what I like the most about Steem, it's the friendship you are able to create with strangers from across the globe (and also, from your country ;)) !

When you first arrive on a social media, it's sounds strange to meet others people outside of the website... Theses people are strangers and we are not on a dating / making friends 's website !

But here, on Steem, you blog, every day, and every day you go, days after days into the life of theses total strangers.

And you get to know them.

You are a bit shy, you start to comment on their post. They reply. They comment on yours.
Then you start to talk on Discord, on Steemit Chat, and one day you think it's just easier to skype and you see each other "for real".

And the day is coming : you are going to meet them in real life. It's like a first date: you are really excited... Real vs virtual. It's a bit scary : are we going to like each other as we like each other online?

And the rest is history.


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Vraiment j’ai aimé vos rencontres.
C’est super de rencontrer des gens de la même énergie.
Oui ceci est des biens faits de l’internet alors que d’autres personnes l’utilisent négativement.
Je félicite tous ceux qui sont de la même sphère que vous.

nice pic!, love it.

All the Steem legends in one place! One of these days, we all got to take some selfies lol

Always very beautiful.
Always with beautiful smile.

Virtual life is a real life but it is far a way from us, if we came more close from each other , it will be a strong relations

it seems like you are always together to enjoy happiness. 😁

I really miss you too!

awww that was so much fun! Can't wait for Steemfest 3!