My family ritual of the Summer Solstice

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21 of June was the Summer Solstice... How have you enjoyed the longest day of the year ?

I love the Summer Solstice Day... Just like I like the winter one.
These are special days for me, and I'm trying to really enjoy them!

As a child and teenager, I participated with my family in a great fire with drums, songs and even dances.

Because on this day, the sun exercises its maximum power over all living beings.

This day also represents a day when we gather as a family, to celebrate the joy, the happiness, the softness of the sun's rays on our skin, the energy of the sun that feeds us, the sometimes intense heat... the end of exams and the gentle approach of holidays.

During this day, at the beginning of summer, we can put everything in place to start a new self. It's a bit like a "Monday morning", but here, the sun and its power give you even more strength!

Moreover, to return to the big fire and the drum...
We would throw some little papers where we would have written our sorrows, our fears, our negative thoughts. And we also took the opportunity to thank and feel gratitude for everything that had happened to us that was positive (or less, but that would then have served as a lesson!).

During this day, I take this opportunity to thank the life of all these magnificent gifts that it offers me. How lucky I am to love and to be loved. To be healthy even though sometimes life has put me down to make me realize certain things. Today, I let go of my great fear of success. I know it's there, behind the door.


This day, the ritual served as purification for the next 6 months, waiting for the winter solstice.

And if you also took advantage of it to practice this day in full consciousness? And if you also practiced a ritual (even without fire, dances and drums?).

I propose this little exercise:

  • A few days before the summer solstice: start by purifying your home and yourself.
    My mom used sage to purify the house, and strangely enough, I still have a pack of sage at home!
    Why not also take the opportunity to give what you no longer use? Throw away what's broken? Or simply declutter?

  • To clean oneself, the ideal would be to fast at least one day. And then to wash well.

At the dawn of the Solstice, wake up - at the same time as the sun.

  • And observe... Listen to nature and the sounds around you.
    Observe through your window. Go for a walk... And feel.
  • Light one or more candles.
  • Write what you want to improve, accomplish, set your goals for the next 6 months. And especially note what you want to give up... to give up certain things is to make room for abundance to attract new things... Remember that.
  • Take 10 minutes to "meditate". Sit down - you and visualize your success, your accomplishment, and all those things you leave behind without looking back.
  • Take your list and burn it (or tear it up). With great kindness and gratitude.
  • Repeat out loud, in front of the candle and in front of a mirror a positive statement of your choice in relation to your goals for the next 6 months.
My positive affirmation of this solstice (as well as the last year) is as follows:

I have confidence in myself and in life. I accept my own light and accept that all life's events happen for a reason that I will understand in due course. The events of life are there to help me grow and make me progress a little more each day in the discovery of the woman that I am.

At the end of the evening, don't go to sleep too early.

Greet the setting sun. And thank it for a long day... And the strength he sends you to help you in your renewal.

So... enjoy this wonderful day. Because as of tomorrow, the duration of sunshine will decrease from day to day...

The pictures aren't from me, they're from a friend. I'm in the last picture.

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wow..this is so inspiring, thanks for sharing..
I love all the festivals that connects you with nature..
You could say its all written in our genes.
Somehow its all just so fulfilling !
Kind regards, MM

Wow, great to know about this day and more importantly amazing to know that you are associated with great memories for this particular day. And in my opinion when every family member stay together then that becomes an great festival itself.

And good to know about the rituals and that's the beauty of culture and every culture have it's own beauty and this stuff is sounding unique because it's about the Sun and good to know that this particular day is really special for you.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I love reading this, it seems akin to a restart for a new year. Have never heard of summer solstice so it was quite an eye opener for me. We (chinese) celebrate winter solstice, its mainly a family event where we get together just before the new year (1st jan) and just have a great time with everyone.


Oh thank you for the explanation @alvinauh ... No summer solstice ? I really thought it was something that went all around the world!

This is the first time I'm seeing something like this @roxane. Wow, this is only interesting but it also unites. Lovely one there

great to check this out awesome shots and wonderful day you have spent it will be memorable forever