Took a Knee vs Sacrificed a Knee

in life •  2 months ago

There's a rich irony in Nike playing the social justice card. Given their contentious history of outsourcing to developing countries this isn't something one would imagine them doing. If you're interested simply do an Internet search for "Nike, sweatshops."

When I saw Colin Kaepernick speaking about "believing in something, even it if means sacrificing everything," it made me think of a video about a veteran who lost his leg, yet finished the Boston marathon running with a flag. That is what inspired me to make the mashup video above.

Personally I'd like to see Colin Kaepernick demand that Nike build a factory in downtown Chicago and give some of the young people who buy their expensive shoes a good paying job with a future. But it's cheaper to produce in developing countries and pay a virtue signaling millionaire more millions to push the message of disunity cleverly packaged as virtue.

Cynics scoff at patriotism, but in a diverse nation, a healthy love of country is one of the best antidotes to the dangers of tribalism.

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