in life •  16 days ago

Maybe the horizon should be stopped one by one. Changed. It's like knitting our hearts.

I just don't know if I told you. Who can hurt? Who is the foundation?

Answer by everyone. According to the unknown, whoever it is. Eagerly or unintentionally.

We have dreams. Most of us or some of us. It's like everybody's going to one side. Otherwise, if one of us is questioned to the finest detail, it can be said how boring and overwhelming life is. On the other hand, all errors are covered by a great sense of acceptance and acceptance. It is possible to say that you live and see.

Who can change what? Or we care about the way of change. For some reason, all minus and all our requests.

Individual attitudes and son

Or we combine the reality of minimum unity and countless delusions.

Sometimes you can create a fake structure and lie.

Whether our wishes are real.

And all this, what we've been through, what we see.

Facts and underlying things.

Lies and unknown reasons.

In short, there is a huge chaos, and most of us are not even aware of it.

Our lives Yes, we will always complain about this.

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