The Law of Attraction - The Most Common Mistake and What to Do Instead!

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Have you ever been trying to manifest the money and it simply didn't work out and moreover you then had found yourself in a bigger struggle for the money?

Have you ever been in doubt if the law of attraction really works?

If the answer for above questions is yes, then read on as you are about to discover what is causing it and how you can overcome it fast and easy!

Since I discovered the law of attraction, which was around 12 years ago, I've noticed that many people (including myself) have been falling into specific the law of attraction trap that eventually led to giving up the faith in this powerful law. 

Most of the people who start the journey with the Law of attraction 

think quietly in their minds this sort of thing:

- “ Now, Since I know the BIG secret, I will manifest loads of money, and I will be rich…”

And they try usual stuff for some time such as ask, believe and then…

No receive…!

And then understandably big disappointment comes, and you start to ask yourself:

What a f…?

I asked for more money, and I believed that the Universe would give it to me because I did indeed ask for it!

And then doubt comes, and you start to say to yourself:

- "I tried it, but it doesn't work!" 

Of course, the law of attraction works, undoubtedly as the law of gravitation works, but there are certain rules behind it that you need to apply it if you want to make it really work for you. 

Statistics show that the most common mistake that nearly every new adept of the law of attraction makes is trying to manifest the money itself…

I know, you might think now:

- Hey, hey... hold on man….

Is it not what is all about?

Is the law of attraction not suppose to help us to make more money?


It is a true statement, but only partly. 

When you are trying to manifest the money, most likely you will want to make it happen far too much…

What does it mean?

When you want to manifest the money, and you want it very much, then you are showing the Universe that you are in need and you suffer from the lack of money. 

And the paradox is, that the fact that you are in need of money makes you resistant to receiving of it because you are emitting opposite frequency.

You’re showing to the universe that you are not feeling abundant and you have a NEED of getting the money. 

The need is not the right attitude if you want to manifest the wealth or anything at all.

You NEED to understand that there is no space for NEED when you are asking the universe for something.

You will always get exactly what you are generating through your heart chakra vortex. 

By saying it in other words, it means that if you are in need of money, then you’ll get more need of getting money because this is the type of energy you are generating and furthermore the type of the frequency that you are sending to the quantum realm.

And like the boomerang, it comes back to you with a doubled or tripled force of need. 

It took me while to fully understand it in the past and another while to fully consciously apply it in my life. 

But once I did things started to shift truly. 

I was able to change the house, buy a new car that I dreamed of and finally give up my day job (which was quite well paid) and become a full-time entrepreneur - artist and what more important free man. 


What should you do instead of asking for the money?

The best way is to simply not to focus on the money. 

You need to keep in mind that the money is nothing else but a certain form of the energy that you receive for your action, work, productivity, etc.  and the best way to manifest more wealth in your life is to feel more abundant in exactly that.

You should rather see in your mind and feel with your heart that for example, you are getting, more clients to your business, more customers to your shop or more orders for your service. 

And again, don’t say to the universe that you need more of it!

Just imagine and feel with your emotions that you already have more clients, more customers or more orders. 

Just feel it as it was real with all your senses and see it on the screen of your mind from the first person perspective as it would be in real life! 

See the final result, that the many, many clients are happy with your product, service, work, etc.

And then things will start to change truly…

The money will come as the final result of the service that you satisfy your customers with!

And always ask the Universe for something “good” that doesn’t harm anyone!

Be a good person, serve a good service to the community, and you will receive good stuff from the universe. 

It's very simple, isn't it? 

Good Luck in manifesting your dreams!

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Peace & Love

Marcin :-)

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I totally agree and believe on this one. Actually, a friend of mine even tried to explain this to us before during one of our conversation.


Great to hear that it work for you @akilie1029 . It always works ;-)

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