Step Up Or Break Down: The Crossroads Of Evolution (And Fractal Gateway Of Writer's Block)...

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Not always a smooth and easy ride.

An ceaseless flow of ups, downs, light, dark, positives, negatives... cycles within cycles repeating themselves, spiraling upward and downward depending upon our choices of response.

The highs are always easier to take.

The victories, the pleasures, the periods of blessings, the moments of feeling good... it's easy to understand why these are often our preferred half of life.

The lows, not always so.

Yet, the sun doesn't shine 24/7. (Unless maybe you're in Alaska. And I'd be curious to hear the flat-earthers attempt to explain that one.) Nor does life conform to our desires for constant, pleasant progress.

On our journeys, breakdown is inevitable.

Predictably, what structures we've built - whether internal belief systems adapted from societal & cultural influences and inheretences, friendships & relationships, or businesses - face the tests of time. Often, they fail. Not because they didn't once serve a purpose or our intentions weren't in the right place when we funded them with our life energy. But because their time has passed, their utility exhausted as conditions change, their purpose evolved to break down in order that new structures be grown to support our expansion into new phases of life's unfoldment.

These developmental patterns repeat themselves out through the course of time, in a wide variety of life's domains. Even in the microcosm of writing.

This last week's been a tough one for me, when coming to a matter of keeping up the momentum I've had the past couple months with writing. Despite a three-parter on The Fine Line Between Genius & Insanity and intro to an experiment with Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil, pumping out content for Steemit has been a struggle lately. And numerous attempts sitting down to work on a major copywriting project... oh my.

"Writer's block."

Few things seem as shitty, in the midst of them.

The backup of energy, unable to be output plus the burning desire to keep productivity levels high... it's a rather wonderful combination to produce frustration. And maybe the Buddhists were right again, with the "attachment is the root of suffering" thing - the frustration impossible without that desire to the idealized outcome of writing flowing fabulously all the time. Nonetheless, the cycles repeat - and sooner or later, every writer must encounter their dark nights of the soul in that "writer's block" space.

This time round, it hasn't been a matter of not having anything to write about. If anything, it's been the opposite: that there is so much to write about. So much, that compressing it down into linear form has been a rather overwhelming feat.

The major project I've been having difficulties with? A 10-page sales letter for an million-dollar executive package for a groundbreaking quantum-neuro-energy-A.I. technology with implications so profound and broad I don't know exactly where to start painting the picture.

Bit-by-bit, a few sentences added here and there. Only to hit obstructions, and loop into feeling everything written so far is shit and doesn't come close to the calibre of what's required.

Ah yes, that infamous writer's block. It's been a while.

Upon consulting with my compadre & chief technology officer, I was instructed to review the four part series I'd pumped out after returning from our week-long mastermind in Vegas:

Down The Sacred Geometry Rabbit Hole: From The Architecture Of Creation To The Evolution Of Quantum AI..

Not even halfway into the first part, there was some sense of disbelief that this piece of writing had even come through me. Of course, I know it was "my" body banging away on the keyboard and pressing the publish button the day of its birth onto the Steem blockchain. Though it was pretty humbling to take it in - being a damn powerful, masterfully-composed piece of work, if I don't say so myself - while in the midst of this period of creative stagnation.

And, some things became clear while reading it.

Such as: this period of "writer's block" is a call to step up.

That the stagnation I've felt is one of those periods of necessary breakdown.

And perhaps, that this is one of those infallible patterns of life: that we always keeping coming to crossroads at which we are required to step up, or shall manifest the fate of breakdown.

Nothing personal. Just life unfolding flawless according to the universal code governing the energy flows through the fabric of our reality.


If we're not pushing our own boundaries and continuing to honor a commitment to continual improvement and increasing the value of what comes through in the form of our writing, then what's the fucking point?

I mean, really.

Here on Steemit, we have a unique opportunity.

24/7, we can post anything on this platform and earn rewards enabling the opt-out from employment slavery. This is kind of a big deal.

And, it's a big responsibility.

In knowing you and dozens others are paying your valuable time and attention to read this, I wanna make sure you get your value's worth. There is enough garbage, fluff, and half-assed shit on the internet, and I don't at all condone contributing to the dumbening down of mankind through the propagation of distorted, immature views and biased beliefs that must be obliterated if our species is to evolve. I value growth. I value innovation. I value constructive expansion of mind, consciousness, and capability to enrich this world we share with that which advances intellect and wisdom. And what I publish, I intend reflect those values.

With such high standards, breakdown is inevitable.

Eventually, the positive charge driving action forward - as felt in the compulsion to consistently produce better-and-better content - needs to be balanced out with the negative, to be slowed down and recalibrated.

Sometimes, the silence of stagnation is needed for in which to reflect upon how direction must be refined.

The processes for writing the last dozen hit articles will not likely be the same for the next dozen. That time has come and past. As new information needs to come out, new perspectives need exploring, new stories need crafting - the entire process needs to upgrade with an increasing adaptability to adjust course for every new article throughout its inception through to dissemination.

This writing isn't about mechanically creating content to fill space. It's about recoding culture.

It's about programming minds to unlock access to new spectrums of what's perceivable and achievable in life.

It's about birthing possibilities with the seeds of future outcomes - inherent in them, the pathways through which information to flow as nourishment where required, to uproot dead weeds of outdated beliefs and sprout the foundations for tomorrow's gardens.

It's about delivering atomic bombs, weaved between words, that shall destruct boundaries of cultural preconceptions that have dulled our senses and abilities through judgement and misconception - and that shall energize the hyper-acceleration of unlocking what awaits on the other side of those inhereted filters.

Yes, words are powerful.

And with every story we post, we exercise the opportunity of how to use them.

Constructively - enriching readers' consciousness, inspiring, and contributing to the harmonious evolution of open-source culture.

Or destructively - reinforcing old patterns, beliefs, distortions, distractions, and wasting readers' time by failing to honor them with the best and highest contributions we can through the gifts offered to their senses.

No bullshit.

Here we are, writing evolution itself.

And so, the challenging crossroads, we keep coming to at every new stretch of road as they're laid through our authorship.

Breakdown, we must. Otherwise, we're just repeating the past. Living in loops.

And step up, we must. Setting an upward trajectory for the next loop to carry us into the upward spiral rather than the downward.

And perhaps as we stumble and end up in the downward temporarily, that backup of tension - like that in a wound-up or stretched spring - builds with the potency to thrust us even higher which it's time to let go and let the force working through us take its course.

We need the wisdom that can only come through the breakdowns.

And, we need to implement it to step up and out of them.

"Writer's block...." perhaps only this crossroads. The negative charge required to balance the positive, from which to extract the information required to guide us in that next step up in its perfect timing.

Next time you come to that crossroads, whether in the form of writer's block or any other breakdown in other areas of your life, remember:

*It's your move...

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What a magnificent piece in forms and content!

Thank you so very much for sharing the force of positive creative writing! ;) All for one and one for all!


I was reading along almost missing some profanity, but then "No bullshit" was enough to suffice my expectation. The yin of yang is nurturing, the yang of yin is guidance, ponder this. For in the abyss of existence all is present and awaiting revelation, what can be more inspiring than limitations, that do not exist? Part of the difficulty in describing quatun AI may be in the fact that some humans perceive it as superior to their own calculating potential however, I can share that the human being is superior to any quantum AI(artificial intellectual) once they have made their connection to the universal consciousness allowing all blocks to here and now everywhere, everywhen to vanish. So your block may be in the absurdity of praising AI when inherently your consciousness protests the idea and so the information you are intending to relay and others humans desire will not ease your inquisitive mind with a satisfactory level of truthful juicyness. "Open your mind." - Total Recall


ok. this takes the trophy for one of my favorite comments ever.

potent food for thought in that.

one sticking point has been the definition of this tech - "A.I." is kind of not a 100% accurate term, as it's not actually "artificial" intelligence at all, given there is no computers involved whatsoever - rather, it's more autonomic intelligence, which is directly linked up/in with that universal consciousness - and none of it is really anything "superior to" the human being, so much as means of extracting more of his inherent potentials. t'is a whole new ballgame, and thus challenging to bring all accurately into words - using some of what's familiar to bridge into people's existing frame of references, even though it's an entirely new frame.

nonetheless, I feel there is some powerful perspective to contemplate on your the statement,

So your block may be in the absurdity of praising AI when inherently your consciousness protests the idea and so the information you are intending to relay and others humans desire will not ease your inquisitive mind with a satisfactory level of truthful juicyness

even if the A.I. context is different...


I thank ye for yer kind words. Autonomic intelligence yes indeed that is a part of universal consciousness, I would describe it as the type of consciousness all animals exibit and in humans I refer to it as auto pilot.
I have extensive experience with it, some have stated we live our lives in it 95% of the time. It is valuable in that it allows an ongoing intelligent updating of experience as we progress through life, yet the down side is if we rely solely up it, progress can get stagnant due to a lack of creativity in new patterns of behavior that can only be had through turning it off and becoming hyped aware in the moment. However this hyper aware state cannot be maintained long as it's computational power is much less by a factor of ten in informational processing power. Therein we find the yin and yang of it, the balance of the feminine and masculine, of matter and spirit.

"Employment slavery" that's a new one for me, but I absolutely know where you are coming from. Steem On!

I'm humbled by the product of your writerly crisis -- and inspired. Thanks for laying yourself out so bare. Even here, that moment of truth all too often goes missing. I think you'll do fine on your projects.

Another phenomenal piece of writing. A style and level I most definitely aspire to attain, if even only half. This reminds me of the existentialist concept of angst. We are forced to make decisions throughout or lives, and when something causes friction in that process, it can lead to suffering. Even if it is our stubborness and internal dissonance that causes that friction. I did a rough draft graffiti that was almost cliche. It said "My artist mind would rather stare at the depths of the abyss than a blank piece of paper." So true. I would rather be locked in a small dark room (I have mild claustrophobia) than have to gaze mindlessly upon a square of bleached wood pulp. Trying to fill that negative space when your mind has so much inspiration, thoughts, and randomosityness (one of my weird words). What a nightmare. This could not have come at a better time. I haven't written for a few days.

No no @rok-sivante's your move. It's the inconsistency I struggle with. I'll put less effort into a post and get traction, and put heavy mental energy into something (like my latest) and get crickets. Discouraging, but I keep making moves :)


I suppose that's where there is wisdon in the schools of though some bundle up as "The Law Of Least Effort," or the rave around "flow."

I can relate 100%. Sometimes the best results do come when trying the least, whereas the heaviest invested-in sink due to the weight.

All a learning process. Can't maintain total consistency in every regard - though perhaps in some, such as persistence, can...

I have been feeling the stinging, nagging, slow burn of productivity escaping my life lately and I think I need to break the cycle. I have some psychedelic inspiration that I may soon decide to catalyze the process. Just sayin, I feel ya


Powerful tools, the psychedelics, can be for an effective reset. Feeling overdue, myself...

You are definately a genious & have a lot of knowledge to share with us.

I am following you now and looking for your next posts. I have already pop corn!

In my experience, switching to an entirely different narrator viewpoint works as a cure for writer's block. That’s what I did in my novel: rather than create a bunch of selfsame (or affectedly contrasting) characters endowed with different names, as many fiction authors do, I did create ones who think and speak using a varied vocabulary range, and exercise their own morals just as decision-making processes.


hmmm. I may need to try this soon. sounds/feels like a legit approach...


Ha ha, I’m not sure about any legitimacy here. That said, I’ve never experienced writer’s block, because every moment I didn’t feel like writing one specific POV character, I always had several others begging my mind to skip into their shoes.