Incredibly fascinating place. quite a few post my partner and i at this point do not surely provide many merchandise the i'm thinking about, nevertheless i'm quite a few undeniably thinking within this place. singular taken we would definitely submit AND inform you.

It's actually rather difficult - if not altogether impossible - to even begin comprehending the scope of what we're playing in.

well Joe Rogan had an excellent piece about it. The scope is inter galactic. This is a battle waged for the DNA and humanity is a farm for cyborgs. Transhumanism speaks of it as a fairy tale, but the nightmare is coming.

WELL that was unexpected. Haha.

I'm not familiar with the exact position, though would offer the counter-perspective: such might be one possible outcome, though not an absolute. Such might "be coming" - IF certain paths are continued on rather than shifting course and implementing the lessons inherent within such predictions. On the other hand, it could all unfold very differently - IF we choose to exercise our powers of creation with higher degrees of wisdom, foresight, maturity, intelligence, and adherence of natural laws and value systems...

interesting that we might have to cross a point of non return to birth the new paradigm. Nothing is set in stone, sure.

Your article hits on so many aspects of life that I agree with it is insane. You speak of the things you post about will tie into others.
"As such, some of my writings may focus into certain subjects that don't seem to tie into one another"

This reminds me off all of the times I am in a friendly debate with someone and the amount of topics can be mind boggling. The changing of topics almost makes it confusing to try to keep everything in check. I constantly think that I need to keep a white board during my friendly debates to keep track of good points.

The breadth of issues that are wrong in the world is beyond anything one person or even a group of people could handle. It also is, as you say, tied to the exploration of all the topics such as psychology, physics, statistics, philosophy, Et Al.

These aspects make it harder to find the correct answer, if there is one, because of the fact that everybody thinks differently, has different social upbringings, and the million of others things that could happen.

To me, the whole thing is a muddled web of connections, a huge puzzle, that I would love to be able to answer even a portion of it.

Thank you for your thoughts and look forward to reading further into your thought process.


"I knew there were a lot of things in the world that need upgrading, much broke that needed fixing, much wounded that needed healing."

This made me think of Doge. "Much upgrade, many heal, lots fix"


Yes, debates can get futile quickly because the attempt to "get to the heart of the matter" probably entails a much broader outlook on a diversity of matters.

And, there probably rare is one "correct" answers - nearly always multiple approaches, each with the their own web of extraneous effects.

Your welcome. And thanks for your contribution to the dialogue. 🙏

If you're not following me, that's ok. The words are still working their magic.

It has become clear you are working things out and seeing them thread together from a LOT of angles reading your writings the last while.

I helped a Statist set up a Crypto wallet today, you can let that one blow your mind now also LOL


very interesting thoughts and points of view :)

Curation - it's your thing!

I'm curious: what have you perceived that motivated that conclusion and statement?

I wouldn't necessarily have thought so myself, though could potentially see some ways that might be the case. Wondering what from your perspective appears to stand out such that is the case, sense there could be some valuable guidance in the clarity of feedback...

You're doing a nice job of synthesizing and expressing a number of strands that are out there floating around.

T'is a tough job, but someone has at least got to attempt it... 🙏

Its quite a tapestry you have and are weaving @rok-sivante , may it turn into a magic carpet for us all..))

Super awesome metaphor. I love it! :-)

Wise wisdom to site down and wrire such.. not an easy task to become what u wanted to's took sacrifices, determination and well established ..followed u but I feel this my first Trent of reading your post..^ ... I will appreciate if u can follow me bck to be able see/support my post ..

Have you read A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilbur?
You might not want to read anymore but this book, for me, was the most inclusive of all aspects of our world so that's why I had to ask you :)

can't recall. first of Wilber years ago, though hadn't gotten very deep into any of his stuff. then briefly started his "Superhuman OS" or whatever that was, but found it pretty dry, substanceless, and lost interest pretty quick.

kinda almost wanna give the book a try now, though...

To me, it feels very much on the same line as to what you are talking about.
Yes absolutely he is very dry but that's also the magical of it( in my opinion ).
Making it very mathematical and tangible somehow!
I say yes, try! And let me know what you think and feel :)

uh... lol. now that's a bit of a pattern interrupt... :-D

though seriously, now that I've looked deeper:


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NOT cool.

you'll be doing yourself alot of damage if you don't change this approach ASAP...

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Seems like you're a bridge builder and a big picture guy. Lots of work for you these days, especially for those of you good at communicating. I'm a bridge builder but not really a big picture person. I'm more into the details and the one on one. In any case, I'm excited to read more.

From one mad hatter to another, I tip my hat to you. It is funny the first thing you mention in your post is feeling scattered, I can't wait to show you a document I created recently for a startup I am initiating along with a few others who have just come on board. I can already see that you will resonate with the idea, and it is a multifaceted venture very similar to what you seem to be looking for from reading your post. I am dying to give people like us a platform and a method for making our big ideas manifest to create solutions and experiences which will push us to the cusp of our conscious limits and beyond. I would love to talk one-on-one, if you would be interested in hearing more. Conscious visionaries such as yourself are set to transform the human experience as we know it, I hope you will be interested. When I post my introduction tomorrow I will send you a link. Please reach out to me on steemit chat or I can give you my email if you'd like to be a part of our ideation and exploration phase and be a leader throughout our growth and journey. Bless you, you are not alone. I promise you, we are sitting on all of this information because it means something, we will find it quite sooner than you think.

Sounds interesting. I'd love to learn more.

YES, do please post back with the link to the idea's intro post - and feel free to hit me up Facebook and can maybe start chatting there... 👌🏼

are you on steemit chat? SO excited to have you on board. My email address is [email protected] i'm on steemit chat and you should add me on facebook zamara bennett

i think its metaphor.

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