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Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

The one that can tell you the last 5 Kim Kardashian tweets is not successful.

The one that knows how many tattoos Justin Bieber has is not successful.

The one that watches the news all day only to bitch and moan about how fucked the world is, is not successful.

You see, truly successful people are too busy winning to give a fuck about most people or events.

They’re brainstorming new profitable ventures to take on. They’re working out how to retrain employees instead of fire them. They’re finding ways to finally get their community clean water.

If you’re not working towards your goals, you at least need to be brainstorming ideas on how to better accomplish them.

Get off social media. Social media discusses people and events.

Get in entrepreneurial forums. Get in real estate investor meetups. Get in digital nomad meetups.

Get in your own life first, then get in others’.

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