Here Comes The Grudge: The Myth of Intersectionality

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Psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote back in 1943 his theory of the "need hierarchy," and although the theory has been for the most part debunked, it does still have a few valid points. What Maslow got wrong was erroneously identifying the "needs," the hierarchy part he got spot on. It's almost axiomatic that human beings frame things in terms of their importance from within a top-down rubric. The mavens of political correctness have picked up on this model and employed it as part of their never ending onslaught of human sensibilities (or sensibleness) in the realm of aggrievement. The aggrievement marathon has become so contentious that a hierarchy of aggrievement has emerged in which, because of longevity, or depth of proverbial victimhood, the "race card" still trumps all others, radiating down from there.

Based on the myth of "white privilege," rampant institutionalized discrimination and perpetual victimhood, intersectionality was first introduced by legal scholar Kimberle' Crenshaw in the 1980's. Intersectionality pigeonholes people into permanent underclasses without ever once citing instances where people have been able to overcome these social constructs, either by sheer force of will or some other intrinsic characteristic, e.g. hard work, intelligence, etc.. One may in fact argue that if intersectionality actually exists, it would have prevented Ms. Crenshaw from becoming a legal scholar.

The underlying assumption (among many) it seems, is that if you're black and a woman you lack any positive individual character traits that will enable you to lift yourself above any of the oppressive social constructs that prevent any upward mobility... it is groupthink at its worst. You are, therefore, relegated to permanently being a member of some aggrieved class. In the intersectionality marathon, the more victim groups you should happen to belong to, the more cause for aggrievement and naturally the higher your victim status in the aggrievement hierarchy. They even made a handy chart so you can keep track of where you are...

So, if for example you should happen to be a disabled- black- transgender- midget, you would have hit the intersectionality jackpot... some sort of intersectionality royalty. In truth I'm loath to give this topic too much legitimacy, but it's become a cause celebre with SJW's and the rest of the perennially offended activists... so I suppose some serious explanation is warranted. This video is aimed at children and in a just world would be titled "How To Be Offended."

The assumptions made by the authors of the video are that: 1) If you happen to be part of a minority you will automatically be subject to discrimination; and that you will also be oppressed by people with "privileges" that you don't have. So, we are to believe that if a child is black born into a family with an income of $200,000, because of their race they would be denied many of the "privileges" of a white child born into a home with an income of $15,000... complete and utter nonsense. When I was in college I had to take a course in Constitutional Law that was taught by a radical black feminist. I argued that the judicial system was skewed financially rather than racially- that a rich black guy (like OJ) with a good lawyer would walk, and a poor white guy with a public defender would go to the booty house. The entire intersectionality myth is built on a foundation of erroneous assumptions. This video does much better job explaining intersectionality and its inherent flaws...

The tragic consequence of intersectionality, as Ben Shapiro points out, is that so many people buy into it- but then again, history has shown that being a part of an aggrieved minority has its benefits. It appeals to the laziness in people, especially young people who have a sense of personal entitlement... the "free shit" generation. There's an old saying: "There's no such thing as a free lunch." The price of intersectionality is individuality and speaking for myself, I wouldn't trade my individualism for anything... but what do I know, I'm just a straight white male.



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Excellent article Rich! You had me in stiches at the part about the disabled black transgender midget. It wasn't funny in the schadenfreude sense of the word. Yet, the idea of conveying special rights to individuals based on the innumerable categories or groups that one could identify with is absolutely ridiculous. In short, the consideration of intersectionality in that regard is pure poison. I should know, I'm a butch dyke who was born in a straight white male's body but I identify as a sphynx cat. What can I say, I like pussy.


Thanks lol! I've always identified as a lesbian Eskimo midget!

The truth is that if I and all other straight white males were part of some group exerting dominance over all other classifications that they keep coming up with, they would not be speaking so loudly in the open as they do. My struggle to procure food and shelter has been every bit as hard as anyone elses here in the U.S. It isn't like I get some wealth given to me to make my life this super easy ride as it is being insinuated. I would argue that due to it being encouraged to demean me, that being a straight white male encounters the most grief in todays upside down world.

I am tired of all the hatred, and wish many of these people would move to where their people come from (obviously this doesn't apply to the self hating white people) and they can live in the utopia that their people built away from all this oppressiveness.


I hear ya! By the way, did you get your White Privilege Card yet? I'm still waiting on mine!

Interesting video and article. Yes I too feel money plays a larger role than race or physical limitations. We are all given crosses in life. Some choose to rise above these obstacles and some use them as a means for attention or money as in privilege. Our restrictions should draw us closer to God but for some resentment and a victim attitude sets in. Thanks for a great article @richq11


If people had a natural inclination toward God, Jesus could have stayed home and saved himself a lot of grief. BUT, people basically suck and have to be reminded, or even forced to be good!

What the warriors of cosmic justice do not realize, possibly because of they lack training in formal logic and critical thinking, is that if one points the accusatory finger far back enough, no one currently alive escapes guilt of survival. The mere fact of their existence gives evidence to the guilt of their forebears offing some loser in the great competition of gene propagation. No one is innocent in the court of the cosmic judge, and if the SJW wishes to call forth the judgment of the universe, then they are demanding extinction of the human race. SJWs are nothing more than xenoids attemting human extinction and ought to be given all the courtesy humanity accorded its implacable enemies, such as the saber-toothed tiger.


Beautifully said, although I believe that the SJW's would relish the decimation of mankind (as long as they were spared)

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