As a Leader You Must Allow Yourself to Drop the Illusion of Control

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As a leader you must allow yourself to drop the illusion of control. Many leaders live in fantasy worlds of Them vs. Us, Them vs. We. Unfortunately these leaders do not practice what they preach and their followers soon become disillusioned.

I have seen many leaders fail in their businesses because they allowed their feelings to guide them. They allowed their egos to get in the way of their business success. Leaders who lead by example exhibit great character. Those who follow them are inspired. The best leaders never let their followers feel that they cannot be successful.

You may think that listening to your heart is admirable but it does not make you a good leader. Those who think that way will inevitably lead to failure. Listen to your head, but don't allow it to control your actions. It is easy to say, "Do what you love" but when you love what you do it becomes contagious.

Just as a follower needs to be motivated, leaders need to be driven. There are no short cuts to being a good leader. If a leader lets himself become distracted, he or she will lose the respect of those they are leading.

Great leaders always manage to get things done. They can accomplish even the most impossible tasks. Leaders who inspire their people do so by example. Nothing a leader does or says can be taken for granted.

If you want others to follow you then you must allow yourself to gain their respect. A leader who is full of confidence is a wonderful leader. A leader who isn't confident has nothing going for them and they will soon find themselves in the same situation they were in before.

A good leader is also sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of those around them. When they understand how they're perceived they will be able to address it immediately. If they don't they will continue to see the flaws in their behavior and approach others that way. By understanding your team you are able to better lead them.

You're job is not to be perfect but to be excellent. If you have the ability to be good then you can be an effective leader and lead your team to greater heights. As a leader you must allow yourself to grow and change along with the organization.

It takes time to become a true leader. You won't be able to rush this development. If you are a person who is afraid of taking on any responsibility then this won't happen. Leadership is recognizing when you're capable and when you're not. If you are constantly making decisions which have no bearing on the well being of others then you're not a good leader. As a leader you must learn to say no.

It's important to recognize when you're getting good results and when you're not. This is where being a good planner comes in. When you have an idea that isn't moving anywhere then write it down. Ask yourself if you have the time to implement your ideas. Being a good leader means you have the time to allow the ideas that you have to blossom.

Another thing you must do is allow others to make mistakes. If you're afraid of criticism then you won't be able to communicate your ideas or your vision. Don't let other people tell you what they think you should do. A good leader will listen to suggestions and come up with their own solution.

Remember that the most effective leaders always stay in the mindset of the follower. You must keep learning and growing as a leader. Don't become complacent and stop trying to improve yourself and what you're doing.

As a leader it's important to have a clear direction. A vision is much more powerful than an idea. If you can picture your ideal leadership situation then you'll be able to act towards that vision. Don't allow other people's opinions to control or influence you. You are the one who has created the situation and the only one who can control it. Never allow yourself to become a follower.