What you see in the dark hours while staring into the (blockchain) abyss...

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I see what you've all been up to, you dirty dirty perverts! No, just joking. :) But when you spend hours upon hours 'walking'* the blockchain, you see some patterns. In the last 12 hours I've seen @karen-the-bot repeatedly show up as following someone new. I wonder what karen-the-bot does? Does she dream of electric sheep?

And then you see the strange goings on of obviously multi account bots, all upvoting each other's stuff. Some of these bots must be pretty primitive, only packing the Cyberdyne Systems 'Creativity' 2000 module. 'aabblh' likes 'aablkj' and aabeui's posts. And they all like aabjohn's posts... @karen-the-bot has a more up to date neural processor, probably the Hiro Baymax 3000 (Service Pack 1), or the Chappie 6000.

Alas, it's time to got back down the (blockchain) rabbit hole. What will I find this time?

* - (I'm working on creating my own database of blockchain data as mentioned in my previous post Steemnotify.me - update: Now available as a Google Chrome extension

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Great post. But sorry i don't have a lot of steempower, i Will support you with a comment and resteem.