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One of the best series of photos I have seen of you, including the first one I saw, where you are standing and act like breaking through the bricks. Thank you @sean-king of course for uploading high resolution pictures 😍

Life Inhales, and then exhales... is a perfect way of putting it and I have experienced it enough times for sure. Strangely enough, even when I felt out of breath, something better always came along and it seems, we have to let go to make room for something new.

Glad to see you back here 🤩


Thanks always , my friend, for your comments and compliments. And thanks for nudging me to get back to posting here. 😉

Oh and thanks so much for the resteem !

My pleasure! I always enjoy your posts, built with that complex balance I really admire. Kind of like a piece of art, with your always so sophisticated language (I often learn new words) balanced with beautiful, sometimes even slightly provocative photography. This keeps the viewer torn between the images and the words and builds up a pleasant feeling of curiosity and tension.

When I look at my blog, I always see the last post several days ago... when I had a long day in the studio though, I'm often too worn out, to create anything else, like a decent post. I understand its not always easy to sit down and do it...

So much going on right now. A recent trip to Prague inspired me to pursue a... how should I call it.. next step? I had felt it coming and my last paintings already show a lot of how I want to paint going forward, further fine tuning a skill based approach with a contemporary "language".

Yesterday I had a (second) photo shooting for a major portrait job... rather big painting with lots of elements and references about the person. She loves high heels by the way ;-) I'd love to make a post about it, but people appreciate my discretion and since she hasn't told anyone she's having her portrait painted, I better keep it private too ;-)

For creative breaks I play with my new found passion, animation (also of my existing works).. so much to learn. But it takes me away from thoughts getting stuck in one direction or another and I can view my (painting) ideas from different directions.

Love the nipple warning 😄 If I see it correctly, maybe you need to add a piercing warning too, as some people might find that even more "shocking"...

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