Natural Cure For Snoring

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The problem of snoring is widespread, especially for men.

Unfortunately, there are not many solutions to this problem. I give you below a naturally effective and delicious recipe: an anti-snoring juice.


Causes of snoring

The cause of snoring is an obstruction of the upper airways. So that the lungs stay well fed, the airflow is accelerated, the relaxed tissues vibrate, and cause the snoring. Snoring usually occurs during the deep sleep cycle.

There are factors that can increase the risk of snoring, among them we mention :

  • Overweight: the tissues infiltrated by the fat contribute to the narrowing of the pharynx, which favors the obstruction of the airways.

  • Tobacco, alcohol and sedatives are all factors that relax the pharyngeal muscles.

  • The excessive consumption of fatty foods such as chocolate, fried and processed foods because they take a long time to be digested and therefore lead to gastric reflux. These upset stomachs worsen snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Phlegm: excess mucus in the throat or nose and obstructs breathing through the nose.

  • Other factors may be the cause: deviation of the nasal septum, disease ...

Here is the recipe

Commercial bottled fruit juices and smoothies are pasteurized. This heating process breaks down most of the fruit nutrients and minerals, which limits the effectiveness of the drink. Generally, they also contain preservatives and dyes that are not good for your health. This is why it is best to make your own juice, in order to benefit from all the properties of the ingredients. It is recommended that these ingredients be organic because the effectiveness of this juice lies in the properties of its food.


2 apples
2 carrots
1/4 of lemon
1 fresh ginger root


Mix carefully the ingredients.

Try to consume this juice one or two hours before going to bed regularly. This juice will reduce phlegm in the nostrils and throat, and thus eliminate snoring.


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