Challenge Your Helpless Feelings

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When you feel helpless, you might withdraw from activities and friends. In these cases, inviting a friend can provide support and encouragement. Reaching out to others can also help you feel less isolated and give you new positive experiences. Here are some ideas to help you overcome these feelings. Read on to learn more. But before you try these ideas, you should first recognize the sources of your feelings. If you have a strong sense of empathy for others, for example, reach out to people who have similar perspectives.

Once you begin to recognize what causes your feelings of helplessness, challenge them. Look for evidence that contradicts those feelings. For instance, if you're feeling helpless over an issue, try thinking about a time when you were able to overcome a challenge in a positive way. Recognizing your strengths and unique talents can empower you and give you the energy to face any challenges. In fact, challenging these feelings can actually make you stronger.

When you feel helpless, it's best to challenge them before they take root. Your mind often misinterprets a situation and comes to inaccurate conclusions. By taking a more realistic view of the situation, you can make it easier to challenge these negative thoughts. To do this, you can actively identify situations that are likely to lead to helpless feelings and substitute more accurate thoughts. By engaging in this process, you can start feeling empowered and conquering your helpless feelings.

Learned helplessness develops over time if you experience stressful situations over a prolonged period of time. This type of learned helplessness is the result of repeatedly experiencing difficult situations and not exerting control when it is available. Unlike the actual helplessness, the feeling of helplessness will last long after the physical condition of helplessness has passed. In addition to affecting your self-esteem, you'll also experience other effects of your learned helplessness.

Another way to fight against hopelessness is to join a support group. These groups help members deal with a variety of challenges. Talking to other people who have experienced the same problems can provide great support. You might also be able to share your feelings of helplessness with others and learn from their experiences. It's not always easy, but these groups are an excellent place to begin. And once you've joined one, you'll be glad you joined.

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