The Hereafter handbook: The Final Word

in life •  3 months ago

Well, there you have it. Short and perhaps not-so-sweet.

If you have thoroughly read and understood this little volume, you have a good grasp on what you can expect in the Hereafter.

You will not enter Heaven via the proverbial Pearly Gates, you will not be fitted with a halo and a harp, and you will not spend eternity lounging on comfy clouds feeling good about your goodness.

Neither will you arrive in Hell, receive your set of horns and an accordion (as Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson envisions the underworld), and feel never-ending agony as punishment for all your earthly wrongdoings.

As has been noted, you are absolutely free to pursue any and all interests during your physical lifetime. If those interests do not include expansion of your mind or the minds of others, you just won't start at the top of the soul heap in the Hereafter.

This handbook is as close as I ever come to making direct contact with any living beings. An advanced look at the Hereafter has historically only been provided to promising species who appear to be misguidedly cutting their existence short.

Humanity has provided some superlative souls for me in the past, and I would very much like to see this continue until your star expands into a red giant and barbecues every living creature on your planet.

I am The Universe, and I approved this message.


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