How do we encourage good attitudes?

in life •  4 months ago

I loved the reactionto my last post. You guys really did not spare me! Good job!

Now, don't let me pain myself as a great man who can take criticism and be serene about it, even thankful. No way! My first reaction is not pretty. I mean when I read this:

[-]whatsup (71) · 18 hours ago
So, you tried to steal a free bus ride and got caught?

A part of me is all about "fuck you!" and your stealing accusation. I AM NO THIEF!!

But a part of me is a bit like, well, I guess you have a point. It's funny cause we are very tolerant with ourselves, like I can't see myself a thief but the public transportation people might be of a different opinion! We always see ourself as the "good guys" don't we?

[-]darkhorrow (25) · 16 hours ago
According to your post, why would we help you to make 20$? Isn´t it the price you should pay all alone because you were the one that forgot the ticket? What example would it bring to the "society" to pay your mistakes?


BOOM! It was a joke and anyway only made 3$ so don't worry. Justice has prevailed!

I'm wondering if being so straightforward in "real life" is a strategy we could all implement more in our lives. I'm usually shy to point out to people that they suck ( ha! ) or they are not in the right but I'm thinking I should cause that's how education's part public shaming as well!

Anyway, thank you for keeping me real :)

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You can always count on the internet to judge you :)


truth right here :))

In real life I am that straightforward and at times I have had to pay the price for that.