Easy does it?

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Doing your best is always worth pursuing but what can you do when your mind works against you?
It's happening a lot ot me, when I feel like I can not overcome myself.I see people doing amazing stuff, stuff that to me seem impossible and awe-inspiring and I just get more depressed about my own capabilities.

It happens rarely that I catch a ray of light and think that maybe...just maybe..I could do more. Or at least part of what I'd want. Or just show up and try. Who knows? It's very hard to get over the "talent" mindset that you either have it or your don't. The truth seems to be that if you want it and you're willing to build it...you will have it. Dismissing yourself based on a momentarily feel is just dumb.

But it's also..easy?
So easy. Easiest thing to do. Just renouncing your responsibility and giving up while feeling none of the guilt associated with this. Because, yeah, it' snot your fault, it's just not in you. Right? Easy.


The perverse thing to me is that easy feels a lot like "right" or "inevitable". That's the power of easy in my opinion, that it creeps on you and whispers that it's not you, it's the worlds, the circumstance, the nature and the birds. Just don't do it. Be ok. Settle. Easy.

Fighting against the easy lullaby is necessary for any kind of success.
It's also difficult. There's no sweet song pushing you to more against all odds, feelings and despair. It's willpower, blind faith and the occasional success.

In the end though, is about a life that is worth something. Easy never leads to self-respect just self-tolerance and hate to those who do more.

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am i right sir..?

Mike Tyson defines "discipline" as doing what you hate and acting like you love it.