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RE: The Mormon Church Covered up my Childhood Sexual Abuse (Part 1)

in #life4 years ago

So sorry that you had to experience this. This is too often the case -- parents blame their kids and nothing gets reported and the attacker gets off scott free :/


exactly...The church authorities admonished my parents that they would handle it internally and no need to report to police. I was publicly disciplined in church and after that it was like I was branded with a scarlet letter...I will be writing about that also.

this whole abuse scandal might be part of the reason I became an exotic dancer during my 20's; It is very complex... I have lived an interesting life, I think...

If it helps I've been sexually abused at least 3 times in my life of what I can remember; my abusers were older kids themselves so I don't blame them - I blame whoever was behind their abuse!

But like you say - all that had led me into some open-minded sexual behaviours waaaay before I should have! Luckily I've worked through all that :) My wife has helped lots

supportive partners are so key to healing and recovery and deprogramming conditioned responses

So true! I'm looking forward to part 2 :)

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