Rahul Gandhi said CBI changed Mallya’s ‘detain’ notice without PM's approval.

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The public is fade up with mudslinging of Congress and BJP leaders on each other. The public is being fooled by these corrupt leaders and none is interested in convicting the culprits. There is no doubt that all these scams are taking place with the active connivance of politicians in power who must be given a severe penalty like death sentence since trillions of rupees are looted by corrupts of this country. Almost all politicians are working against the country by looting all resources by abusing power. The public must act fast to remove all corrupt politicians of this country. Otherwise, this country will be completely ruined.

Image Source :  hindustantimes.com

The nature of this government when it comes to fraud is to highlight anything that can be remotely connected to Congress. But what the bums found out, was that if the Congress goes down so do they, since, in every major transaction, the paws of the BJP are all over the place.

Modi and BJP helping all the fraudsters like Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choski etc since they are donating thousands of crores to BJP coffer. And as we see, BJP spends around 80/90 crores in each of Modi's rally. So, from where BJP gets such huge amount of money. Obviously, from these corrupt and fraudster corporate friends.

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