A man tries to sell his wife.

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The name of that man is Saddam. what a devious plan. shame on such husbands (men) who think they have the license to decide for others. the real face not only of Islam but also of human mentality at present. should be ashamed of what he did and get a savior punishment to set an example for others.

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What does the AIMPLB have to say now on such cases where the man marries only for lust and then when his lust is over he tries to sell or kill her? Shame on the AIMPLB for still supporting Instant Triple Talaq which is banned in the rest of the Islamic world even in such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and the rest of Arab countries. 

Low education among Indian Muslim masses has made them as bad as north African and Arab Muslim. they act and speak the same way. the wife good luck the police were there or else he would have sold her or worse killed her.

Something is wrong with our parenting and schooling. Low on morals and ethics across the board. We have to educate our children better before this situation turns into a social epidemic. Crime against women and children are just not slowing down.

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who is that man?

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first, go read Islam then decide its the real face of Islam or not if some is bad and he is Muslim that doesn't mean Islam is bad why we put all the bad things on Islam you know what is Islam and what Islam told about humanity go and check your self you will know and don't put everything on Islam, don't put his disgusting act on Islam, Islam is most beautiful religion in the world.