NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET!!!! Goodbye for now. -love you people.

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I made it to 1k followers somehow.
I'm getting ready to go dark soon if things go a certain way.
No matter what happens, I love you guys.
Please watch these two videos and try hard to consider their sources, then PLEASE watch the 8 videos in the playlist on my last post.
I don't care if you upvote but it would be nice if you resteemed so more can see or just share the link, even if you post it just to make fun of me, that's fine with me.

It won't make any sense to you at all at first why I want you to watch these, but give me those few minutes of your life and let it roll around in your head a few days and you will get a feeling.
Watch your volume on your speakers because some of them are loud,if you don't have Brave or a VPN you may have to watch an ad on the first one, I can't help that, sorry.
It won't seem to make any sense to most of you but subconsciously it will help you understand and it will help you heal.
Don't look for the meaning, you don't have to. If you open your mind, something will sink in.
This is not a pro Trump endeavor even though Trump is a theme in two videos so please don't dismiss it on the face of that.
I'm using "their" own tools against "them".

the post with 8 videos I'd like you to watch in order.
Remember that the pain, guilt and sadness of our past memories only exist as an illusion in our minds now and we have the ability and the human right to let go of that pain if and when we are ready but we don't have to forget.

@raddog out.homerbushes.gif

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1001! Never give up, Fren!