ELK in the wilds of North Idaho,USA

in life •  9 months ago  (edited)

A short video clip of a small herd of elk. The cows are surrounding the young yearlings for protection as they travel. When I converted the video clip to a format acceptable Dtube it cut out some of the clip. Here is a slightly longer one (follow the link) https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwsmrd32hw9crtp/ELK%205.AVI?dl=0

I will keep working on this conversion, as well as seeing if I can set my game camera to a longer time frame.

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What an amazing animal

Thank you very much.

Beautiful video. I think the behavior of animals can be observed endlessly, it is very interesting. Thank you for sharing

Thank you very much.

It's interesting that animals can be seen so closely. Great video

Thank you very much. I have one that is even closer than this, but first I have to get a better understanding of converting my video clips to an acceptable format. I am unable to upload the clips that my game camera provides. I found a converter but it cut off even more of a short 10 second video. I will work on it.

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Short video man i wanted to watch more oh, in my country these animals don't exist and i feel respect for them they're rude and work in family so that's the reason of their succes, great can film that beautiful animals. Regards

Thank you. When I converted the file from avi to mp4 it shortened it even more. I am still experimenting. I have a lot of video clips from my game camera. I will also see if I can lengthen the time. I have more of elk, but want to figure out this conversion so dtube will accept it.

Here is a link where the video is a little longer. Let me know what you think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwsmrd32hw9crtp/ELK%205.AVI?dl=0

Thank you for viewing and commenting.

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Wild forest animals are favored by humans, and meat is good to eat. a good video I like animals.

Thank you very much.

ELK in the wilds its awesome sir,great video sir.

Thank you very much.

wow really nice video sir

Thank you very much.

images.jpgThe elk or wapiti (Cervus canadensis) is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, in the world, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America and Northeast Asia. This animal should not be confused with the still larger moose (Alces alces) to which the name "elk" applies in British English and in reference to populations in Eurasia.

great information. Thank you

Fantastic wildlife video
Please sir see my post

Thank you very much.

Great video sir its awesome and i am really glad to see you again.

Thank you very much.

Truly very beautiful video shared between us My friend I am very good to watch this video. Thank you very much for sharing such videos with us.

Thank you very much.

That is a marvelous short Dtube video sir @r2cornell.
We definitely need to protect Wildlifers. They have freedom to live on the planet. I like your converted video.

Thank you very much.

What is the name of animal sir?

Thank you very much.

waw ... a short video but it's very nice to be able to see a group of small deer that are protected when traveling ..

Thank you very much.

Very good video, with a group of small deer, it's very nice to spend time seeing animals like this ...

Thank you very much.

This is really great Video on dtube.Dear..
But also this animal also looks what an amazing..

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed.

Excellent dtube video. it is really look. that is great work sir.
Thanks this post .
Have a great day

Thank you very much.

Wow..awesome animal..live vlo..Welcome in dtube for your first vedio..I want to see more...Keep it up..

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

This is great work.fantastic video.
100% like and resteem

Thank you very much.

I like wild life and mostly like deer. Such a wonderful video clip. I appreciate your great work sir @r2cornell. Keep up your great work.

wow nice video but it's pretty small. Let's hope you will able to share long video of amazing animals next time. Have a nice time @r2cornell

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed. I am working on figuring out the problem. 10 seconds is short enough but to have lost some of that is too short to try again until I figure it out.

Short and simple video sir i am very glad to see this video,excellent work sir.

Thank you very much.

Wonderful video sir

Thank you very much.

Beautiful clip of wild life . You done good job .

Thank you very much.

Very interesting video with cows eating grass.

Thank you very much.

I really love nature and wild animals and this video has made my day sir @r2cornell! Really nice work and it seems a lot patience you have given for the whole work. The herd of the elk is really energetic and charming. in India, cows are only seen as domesting animals and most them are white red or black. I never seen cows like this, they have awesome textures on their body. Really enjoyed it. Do you have a youtube channel? you can share this video over there too sir.

stay well and keep posting!

you are awesome! 😃

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Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed.

This is very short clip . It's like gif .
But nice click of wild animals .

Thank you very much

You create good video of deers .
Like your video . Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much

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Thank you very much

Deer are wild animals, but if we maintain them, they become tame, running fast and giving love to their children is the same as other animals. steady.

Thank you very much.

A nice video you shared from there it was great watching this keep sharing :)

Thank you very much.

Really beautiful nature vidio

Nice post my grandpa

Thank you! It has been awhile. I was wondering oif you are doing good.

Yeah, it's been a long time since my grandfather didn't play stemit because of a lot of work in the office.
I am also good at how your wife is good.

Wao...great to see wild elks....
A nice change from the usual flower posts:)

Thank you. I have not had the chance to figure out converting from the format I get the clips from to acceptable to Dtube. I have more elk clips, and many more deer clips. They come off my game cam at 10 second clips, but converting it left some off and shorted the 10 seconds to less of the video. I will get back to figuring it out in time.

Wao wonderful videos.But its too small.Animals looks so beautiful.Everyone like animals.Hopefully next time you shared long video of animals.Thanks for sharing sir @r2cornell.

Thank you very much.

Deer are wild animals, but if we maintain them, they become tame, running fast and giving love to their children is the same as other animals. steady.

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Awesome Dtube!

great post my dear @r2cornell and very very nice vidio dtube
i like your nature vidio

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You deserves a thanks for sharing your experience with all. The scenario is so beautiful.

Nice video....which place?.....@r2cornell

Very awesome

Wow very fantastic video and that's a awesome animals photography. ....

It's interesting that animals can be seen so closely. Great video.What an amazing animal

Amazing video sir and its awesome to see you again sir,great to see you on monday for the first time.

Thank you very much.

Nature is always beautiful dear.
Your dtube video is really excellent..
All the animals looks so beautiful because they are abstain very closely..

This is very beautiful video on wild animal.

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You are a lover of nature & all the living creature.... sir @r2cornell and that video is really awesome. Thank you.

divine-sound prevails everywhere

The animal world is amazing, great video.

Glad to see you again sir,excellent video sir.

Great animal video sir. I love deer and I see it on your video. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Sir, Actually I am Pakistani and I want to talk private with you can you please give me your discord, I want to lease some sp. THanks!

I like seeing wild herds like deer, I've never seen it directly in the wild.
Like your video @r2cornell

Wow, you could see them so close? They look very relaxed and safe, I presume they have not noticed you :) You are lucky being able to live so close to nature and definitely enjoy fresh air. Some people here hunt elks, do you hunt them too?

Really brilliant video but short time video's

I next time video length will be little bigger. It was really good touching of love to watch , I watched few times.. Thank you @r2cornell Sir

Amazing video. I like your beautiful video and the deer. You are my favourite man. I love you.

Great video!
I only saw deer in the zoo.
Seeing their nature is just superb!

Very beautiful animal video. Thanks for the great adventure. I enjoy the video.

What is the Animals name sir?