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RE: Why some people should never have children!

in #life3 years ago

I have friends who are now pregnant with their third child. They are not bad parents in the sense that they don't take care of their children. They do. They ensure that they have food, shelter, clothes, toys, etc., but I have noticed that they are not teaching these kids the skills they will need to grow up and become responsible adults who contribute positively to society. Many times I have said it would have been better if they'd not had any children, but for whatever reason, they greatly desired to have children.

I wish I could understand why people have children when they aren't really fit to be parents, because their neglect or their lack of work-ethic, so to speak, only affects the child in the end. I think it's one of the great mysteries in life.

Thank you for voicing your thoughts on this. I am with you 100%.


Ha ha...I am much more outspoken that what I have written here! Life works in mysterious ways. I got divorced when my children were still small and I thought that this would affect them terribly. I had no other choice though...but it was the right decision and I brought up my kids single handedly and their father had very little input in their lives, but I always put them first and today I have wonderful self-sufficient wonderful children. It seriously blows my mind why some people have children at all. I've seen it all. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.