Simple steps to keep yourself away from the stress

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We are living in a competitive world. People around the globe are in the race of going ahead of others. Day and nights, we are working hard and fighting with ourselves to reach a position. Many of us are struggling with personal life, illness, heavy workloads. All of these things have put us under stress which has become a global problem these days. And you will hardly find any person who is untouched by stress, and many of them even face difficulty performing their routine tasks.



Today's digital world has enabled us to save a lot of time in performing our mundane activities of past. It has helped us to be information ready within few seconds once an event occurs. But, apart from many benefits, this digital world is also the cause of stress, fear, and anxiety which is leading us to a degraded life. Sometimes, the stress becomes a chronic problem and requires treatment with drugs and other therapies.

Getting rid of stress or at least working towards reducing it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many combats to overcome this issue, but those take time to show the results. Japanese people invented five minutes stress relieving techniques which are proven to be very helpful for overcoming the anxiety or stress. This method is related to holding and applying pressure on a finger with the opposite hand and feel the pulses. A person feels better with the vibration/pulse. One should be aware of the emotions controlled by each finger. Here are the different feelings associated with each finger.




Holding thump with the opposite hand helps to combat emotions like anxiety and worry.

Index Finger:

The pulse felt from holding this finger helps in overcoming fear.

Middle Finger:

Holding this finger helps in controlling anger and resentment.

Ring Finger:

It controls emotions generated from sadness and depression. It helps you in making decisions.

Pinky Finger:

It helps in improving optimism and reduce anxiety.

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