Pondering: Spirals & Conch Shells- It's a Small World

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It’s a small world.   

It really is.   

(And, I hope I didn’t just conjure images of dolls spinning around and singing!)   

I’m thinking more along the lines of a little planet, like the ones in the story “The Little Prince.”  This world isn’t much bigger, really.       

I have heard & witnessed some unbelievable stories illustrating just how small the world really is, and the fact that you never know who you are going to run into or how small certain circles will become once you connect the dots.   

  • Like my mother running into a old friend of hers that she went to high school with (30 years prior) in a grocery store a couple states away from where they had gone to school. (small world)   
  • Finally realizing that my friend at school is actually my grandfather’s neighbor, and the “funny guy next door doing archery in his back yard” is actually MY grandfather. (small world)   
  • A friend of mine from California running into her next-door neighbor late at night in an intersection in a residential neighborhood while in Washington state (she was walking, her neighbor stopped for her in a car so she could cross the street, then recognized her). Neither of them knew the other one was going to be out of town, or heading to the same place! (small world)   

But, another aspect of the whole “small world” thing is within us. You, Me – probably everyone. Do you notice yourself continually coming back around to the same things? Same interests, hobbies, skills, knowledge. And, have you noticed your life experiences coming together as you connect your own dots? I have noticed this. Things I learned years ago and thought I wouldn’t ever think about again, or see again – come back – full circle. It’s like we are spiraling around within our lives and keep coming back to the same parts. And, at the core we are for the most part – the same people we were back when we were 8 years old. Sure, we have many more memories and experiences and we may have become more bitter, or sad as life wears us down. But, down deep – you are probably still interested in a lot of the same fundamental things you were as a kid. And, your personality and mannerisms are probably still there, too.   

It’s like we are similar to trees – with many rings. Life’s experiences continually build up layers of time, layers of thickness, hardness. But at the core – we are our true spirits. Spiraling around, spinning as dervishes and building up layers of experience as we go. Like a conch shell grows ever bigger – in a spiral.    

How do you visualize your conch shell to be?  And, what does the creature look like that lives within?   

Pondering the spiral of life…  

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I think mine would be very colourful, maybe a few stripes and spots on there too! I don't know what the creature looks like, she's too shy to come out.


Cool! ;)