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Everyday is a new day, everyday we wake up hoping that something is going to be good today, some news which will make us happy, some situations which will give us inspiration to move forward... Whatever the situation is, we stay positive knowing that may be it is bad or even worst but we never loose hope..

This is human nature that everyday we want to sunlight , bright day after dark night.. We never stop loving people, may be it hurts us a lot...

We live on hope and dream which keep us alive.. We capture pictures to create a memory that memory which we makes us happy , give a peaceful smile, mysterious satisfaction...Sometimes we kept them behind the black frame.... Love 💕💕 PRIYAN.. #life #blog #writing #share2steem #photography #lifestyle #streetart #graffiti #urbanelement


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Beautiful capture, beautiful graffiti and yes facing everyday with a positive mind is a character we need to cultivate bearing in mind it not easy but we can always try.

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Thank you @joetunex for your lovely feedback... Really appreciate it..