Why Can’t I Love Myself Enough?

in #lifelast year (edited)


Why can’t I love myself enough?
Why does it always seem so tough?
Everyday, I feel that I have
To prove I am worthy of love.

I love others more than myself
I hide my feelings up the shelf
But when alone I feel regret
Always myself, I would forget.

All things happen for a reason
I take the blame every season
Wherever it takes, I would go
To fix the things I didn’t know.

Sometimes I feel so exhausted
I sleep yet never feel rested
But because it is a new day
I put on a smile anyway.

Smiling makes me feel I’m pretty
Though in my heart I feel ugly
No matter how I try to hide
I always see my ugly side.

In my mind, I’m my worst critic
Overthinking until I’m sick
Please be a little bit kinder
I wish I could love myself better.



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