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 I am sure we all have that friend who always borrows money and has all the excuses in the world why he hasn't or cannot pay back. Now here is my story. This very "good" friend of mine  needed to move from his former apartment to a new places as  he was having problems with his Landlord. He had been given quick notice to vacate the apartment.

My "padi" called me like the world was about to end, pleading and begging me to borrow him some money. Suspecting that i would probably never get it back I told him i didn't have any money. This guy kept on persisting and begging that he will pay back the next week and by the way, friends that borrow and never pay back know how to play the pity-me game. 

I obliged understanding he had a wife and children. The week he said he will pay me the money arrived and i called my friend  to ask of my money that is when the "tales by moonlight" started. Tales about how he has finished jobs for people and hasn't been paid, how his brother abroad will send him money soon, how he nedds to do surgery for his appendix, bla bla bla.....

it's close to a year now and i have not received my money back. What is more annoying is he has the money but he is just plain wicked. It's only wickedness that makes you not pay back money when you can afford to pay back

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