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Besides, it's his time. Everything, everything I said and what I know about myself

When I can't understand myself, you'll take a look at the next step. You know what to say if I don't know. She was like this when I was five.

I know how to shoot. Yeah, all the effort in my happiness.

Despite my self-confidence, how can you predict all possible outcomes as a result of my step?

I'm sick of my character and how can I listen to the same stories a thousand times when I'm tired? Patience is the only secret; I am not the source of the divine Son who derives from Divine Love.

is love, my father is my love, the love of the prophet.

I'm a love child.

I came to love and love this world. "

Hidden, loving saying .

The darkness I see in your eyes is burning. That is what light always determines the direction. It is love, compassion, compassion, understanding.

Does it just say, Dear :

The way of our Prophet is love.

We are born of love, our mother is love. ''

Seven unique individuals. No Sphere

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