And The Only Real ...

in life •  20 days ago

Therefore, it is possible not to reach internal consensus.

It is possible that the possible ideas of our mind cannot be compared with the acceptable value and possible or denial which can be seen in a very different dimension.

A century before high thinkers. pure touch:

Everything is thought, the rest is meat and bone.

You want a rose, you want a thorn. '

It has already been the essence of man and hundreds of years before our time.

We manage our thought movements and determine the route. And yet, I think of him who shaped his life with thoughts and feelings. In fact, we will take the captain of one of us and determine the course of our journey without ignoring the concept of fate.

We have the same parallels. The return of love and all positive emotions is reflected in beauty and happiness.

When we adapt to our day, we can explain all of us: '' A good idea is good. '' It is the result of a trend that brings together everyone who is an expert in this field. In short, everything is about thinking.

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking, Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

Therefore, it is never part of one of the creators.

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