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Personal development entails discovering an improved version of is a necessity to always feed on positive and educational things on a daily basis to reveal your skills and qualities, hence improving every aspect of your life. #Personal development is compulsory for any individual who wishes to grow. It is true that what you feed or focus on grows,when you learn new things you discover more about yourself,your potentials,talents, strength and weakness, hence living a struggle free #life.

There is no end to personal #development no matter your current level,it's a continuous process to help you actualize your possibilities.


  1. REFLECT :This is an important step to take in personal development. One needs to sit and reflect on a certain skill he needs to improve and how he intends improving it.
  2. READ :Reading is one of the ways to learn about new informations. In your jorney of self discovery, you will need to read books or articles to improve on certain skills. You can read books on being confident,productive or spontaneous.
  3. CONSISTENCY :personal development should be a daily practice,it can only yield a positive result when it is can use just an 30minutes daily to read educational materials and learn new things to improve yourself.
  4. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS : We all have fears. It might be the fear of death, uncertainty,risks etc. Personally I was very scared public speaking,I prefer to listen to others. During my jorney of self discovery,I learnt how to speak more in public by attending various events and club meetings which I was mandated to share my opinion.
  5. CREATE A TO -DO LIST : Avoid having an unproductive day by making a to-do list, writing out all the tasks you need to carry out.
  6. GET A MENTOR : It is important to have a mentor,one you look up to. It is not just about liking their lifestyle and achievements but carefully studying those qualities they possess,if you also want that for yourself and how to possess those qualities.
  7. CHANGE YOUR BAD HABIT : Bad habits can hinder your personal growth and development, hence it is important to quit any bad habit that can stand in your way to being a better version of yourself. Example of such habits are excessive sleeping, excessive drinking, procrastination,nail biting, smoking and lots more.
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