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If you read my ulog later today
I mention I will post about
a cooking I did today.
I am not good but this is a pleasure for a lifetime
when you know how important it is to cook
and enjoy your dish.
Today I present you with


I started the whole thing by watching a guy on youtube making it.
But the idea to cook starts with #steem.
From #steem, I follow @exyle.
This guy make cooking fun and easy.
The real slim shady stand up
Cooking is not easy.
Easy part is the desire to cook.


I did get myself the small potatoes.
boiled to perfection and smashed.
I did add some milk (evaporated milk) and butter.
Vegetables I used green beans and my everyday salsa.
I used a portion, not the whole thing.

I did get some ground beef(80-20)
I did get rid of the saturated fat.
Man! It was around 8oz.
I want to live
I cooked my ground beef to perfection.
added some spices like
Mrs Dash and garlic salt.
I did go way too light on the salt.
I buttered the Pyrex
and added

  • smashed potatoes
  • cooked ground beef with green beans with salsa.
  • steam corn
    Put it to bake but change it to broil
    until I got the golden color on top.
    As you can see from the picture.

It was delicious.
I did add some grated parmesan on top.
I am getting there.
Everyone enjoy.
I need to put my mark more in the kitchen.
I feel good cause if you watch this movie
Anyone can cook,
We all need to take care of out health.

Keep on steemin'



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so we can discuss more about the biz aspect of #steem in #steemschools



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awesome sir ur good cook well done

delicious food!!

A delicious recipe and with such good photos I want to try it.
Greetings. Very good post as always

It looks delicious indeed. This is a very good initiative. My hope is that you stick to it and keep on sharing your progress with the #steem community.