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I did signaled a post about natural product from a company LEMONGRASS SPA.
I was pleased with the soap that I got from Marla.

The scent is pretty addictive and I wish to use this soap even more.
I did place an order and I do receive a shipment of two other flavors.
As of right now I am using the charcoal and I share it with @maj.
I like the scratching feeling from the soap.
Thinking I am getting cleaner.
Mind tend to think a lot of thing.
Again the aromatic flavor of the lemongrass is strong enough to over power the shower room.

I have not tried the goat milk yet. I purchased it for the simple reason that I like goat milk. We will see the effect and I will tell you. You can smell it but not strong cause it is a mixture of other naturals ingredients as well.

I am using this one and I am pretty sure I will order it again.
If you need anything you have to be in the US or Canada, check with Marla for more.


Natural products is the best i mean we have to avoid massive products because they're full of chemicals and in the case of natural soap they're very clean because they biodegrade quickly and they improve the natural cycle. Regards

I'm an advocate of using natural things. Natural thing work effectively and have no side effects

This soap so usefull...i think..dear...and thanks for sharing..this helpfull post...


It’s a great product, I love that it smells so nice!

Do you think it can help in curing acne?

not really, It can help in a way the ingredients are natural.

Hmmm wonder products here, I wish it could be obtainable in this part of the world.
Thanks anyway for letting the world know what you are enjoying

Seems I saw this somewhere.... Like someone posted about it here on Steem... Hmmm

Anazing things about the soap... I see

Natural products is the best ,Follow @diaaya21 for more random resteem.

Sir, Can I get something natural which is beneficial for my eyesight. My eyesight is very weak.

@pouchon I also think that people should be use natural things. It's good for us.

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