Do You Truly Know What Positivity Is?

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Being positive doesn't mean ignoring your problems, tucking them under the carpet and let them pile up while you enjoy the life of an ignorant fool.
Being positive means taking the best out of every situation that occurs in life, because you can't control actions, but you can control your reactions to those actions.


Let's say you stepped in feces while going to work, the action of you stepping in the feces already happend, you have no time machine, time travel way, or any spell (if you do bring some magic my way :D) that could reverse the action of you stepping in feces.

Now follow your reactions:

  1. "AH! DAMNIT! I STEPPED IN SHIT!" - You say very angrily and check for a tissue, but you realise you don't have one.
    You curse everything and everyone and the animal or human that took a shit there. You see a lady that blows her nose, you go to her to ask for a tissue but as soon she sees you she speeds up her walk to get away because she didn't like your cursing and anger. You come late to work! Bad you.

  2. "Well animals don't have bathrooms I don't blame the one did this here... "
    You see a lady blowing her nose, you come to her, with a very strong odor and ask for a tissue.
    She quickly realises that you need one for you stepping into the shit. Good luck you made it on time for work! Good you.

This example is made up, and while it's maybe a nevergonnahappen scenario, it still shows us part of what positivity is.


While positivity is taking the best of every scenario, there is more to positivity as it's the change of your mindset from "I will never be like that. I will fail before I even begin..." to "I can give my best and improve every failure step of the way."
Whenever there's a chance grab it!
Don't be scared to leave your comfort zone, it's where the best things happen, nothing worth having comes easy.
Everyone says hard work and we take that information and then we give our best at work and when we come home we do nothing.

Hard work means 24/7, even your system works harder when you sleep! That is hard work!
Do you want to restfully look at a sunshine one day, might as well be spaceshine, looking back and thinking that you wasted all your shots because you didn't have the balls to open that company etc. or you see a scenario where you said fuck it and went straight to the top! But be down to earth, as it is the beginning and the end of life.

balloon-2388436_960_720.jpg src

Heck you don't even have to look at a spaceshine, just look at the trees as you are taking a calm walk, and the way branches sway over the horizon. You might feel sense of gratitude, that is one more thing to positivity, you have to break the shackles of materialism. Feel the nature, feel beyond the eyes, feel the wind.

Stay positive and spread those good vibes!<3 love from @positivity420


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@positivity420, you know you work hard when it keeps you awake that you can't, and don't want to sleep because of the goal you want to acheive.

Not necessarily to be honest, alteast from my experience. Some nights I was awake only because of problems that were crushing me inside and out, not because I was working hard. But in your case it might be true, and if it is, just keep at it!

@positivity420, true. Probably it is on a personal basis, makes sense. :)

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No problem man, if it wasn't a good post I wouldn't link your post to the contest but I would give you a couple of advices that I collected along the journey here. Just keep steemin! As i told you, if you have ANY questions about ANYTHING feel free to ask me or @gogogadgetupvote, we're here to help everyone who needs it and get them on track :)

Yes we seem to forget the little things in life that actually aren't little things when we collect them 365 times (1 little thing 1 little day of the year). Becuase now it can't be little, now it's A LOT.