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Here's the question @ELAmental put forward for fellow Tribesteemup members -

What kind of relationship is most vital to long-term happiness: family, friendship, or romantic?


I feel a lot depends on what stage of life you are in.

When you are younger, your family is your most important relationship, giving you the foundations for your life. Saying this, realize too, that you are not stuck with what you have been given in your formative years. You can be empowered to make changes in future stages of your life or your "family" may not be your biological family but you may find your needs met outside of the family with others who become your "family".

In adolescence, when you are beginning to assert your individuality, starting to break away from the family, to be ready to make a life of your own, at this stage, I believe friends become more important. It's your circle of friends which is going to have the most influence on you. So best to choose your friends wisely and to be aware of peer pressure. Hopefully you received a good foundational upbringing which instills confidence and self-assuredness with some sort of direction in your life, so you will not be easily swayed and hopefully this lead to a happier life.

It is always wonderful, also, to have a loving, supportive family to fall back on in hard times!

Then as you get older and start to choose our partners to build our life with, it may be the romantic relationships that will play the biggest part. Developing loving relationships, with respect and being able to commit to a long term relationship can be very fulfilling. These relationships will hopefully carry through on into old age and can be a source of happiness at that stage.

So there you have it - all three relationships are important and having strong, loving relationships can indeed lead to long term happiness!


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wise words! its never black and white!!!

And if you combine friendship and romance - you get the perfect foundation for a happy old age)))

Hear! Hear!

In any case, regardless of the state or who it is, trust and a feeling of safety play key components. Without it the relationship is going to be ruined, or at the least poisoned.

How true!

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Some great truths here and shared the post in the PHC #post-relay tag.

Ah! Thanks so much!

I would say something similar... although, that most vital is what you have that makes you happy. Whether it is labelled one thing or another is really an artificial construct!

I feel the same it all depends on the stage where your life is at but all are even precious and make me ME

if people just understood life, not all the time there is romantic happening. The most important of all is respect one another to feel comfortable. In that way the love will grow and stay strong.

good answer by the way

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Friends and family would have to be for me. Hard to pick between those two. While I like freedom away from the family I do love them!

You know @porters, this is exactly what I first thought of writing: how at each stage of our lives other people are important to us. So I'm happy to see that you've written about the aspect I have not. I agree fully, things change, and even though some people may seem more important than others, everyone has something to add to our happiness.

True and it is the type of relationships you develop!

Although humans are social creatures it's our must learning to be alone and witness the inner voidness of the "soul"

P.D: I'd appreciate your review on my latest post btw

So true as with the foundation of friendship will lead to a deep, lasting relationship. As the song goes " Grow old with you".