Cities on the water

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In 2007, the report, Paris, Organization for economic cooperation and development showed that by 2070 sea level rise due to climate change could have a devastating impact on coastal cities around the world. 150 million people may be at risk and to escape from the flooded cities. We could have prevented this catastrophic scenario, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but time is short, and nobody wants to move. This means that people will have no other choice but to build a high dam or move.

There is another option. In 2008, Belgian architect Vincent Kallebo offered an alternative. What if instead of trying to escape the rising sea levels, just to build new cities, which will float? In 2008, Kallebo presented design Lilypad, floating city for 50,000 people completely self-sustaining system, water gardens, desalination of seawater and production of energy using solar, wind and water energy.


Да. Вот такой хочу ))

We always say we should reduce the effect of greenhouse gas. But the problem is we are not working on this. In post, I say someone suggested float village or something like that it's really an amazing Idea. But what about sea based disasters? Will it be that much adaptive with this kind unavoidable circumstances?

I can see this happening and would be glad to join such a community... ahh dreaming, a great pastime.

Pretty interesting

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