my favorite plants are predatory

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my best plants one species I have and I'm sure I will buy another general description of these plants below and some photos.

Sundew (Drosera L.) - a genus of insectivorous plants from the sundew family comprising at least 187 species. They occur on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica, with the highest variation achieved in Australia, where about 100 species grow, except that the remaining ones grow in the tropical zone, 18 species occur in South America, fewer in the north - in Europe (also in Poland) there are only three species. Species of sundews growing in the Northern Hemisphere belong to the Drosera section of the Drosera subgenus. They are a characteristic element of Eurasia peatlands, mainly in the range of tundra and taiga. These plants grow in marshy places, often in shallow water. The sundews develop characteristic trap leaves equipped with glandular glans secrete a sticky liquid attracting small animals!
)SMALL_kapturnica.jpgsaracenia-kapturnica_8241283964956.jpgrosiczka1-300x225.jpg20160813-152617-DSC_1042 copy.jpgP1190417.JPG


Your plants are really nice, they seem to get a lot of love

these plants look nice in themselves are very interestingto recommend

Wow... I know this plant. I saw it only in encyclopedia or book, it is surprising that you grow it yourself. :D

I like this kind of plants and even animals, if you want, you can see my post about tarantulas and I invite you here more often

Oh.. Aren't tarantulas a little bit scary because they are poisonous? I don't have proper information about these..

they are poisonous but not dangerous unless you are allergic to their venom I invite you from time to time on my profile maybe you will learn something new 😉

Okay. Of course I should go see it. ! haha

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