2017, MSP/PAL, The radio show and so much more! What a year it has been.

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What a marvelous, amazing, weird, sad and wonderful year it has been!

So many things happened in my life and a lot of things started because of Steemit!

I am so thankful for all that has come on my path and sometimes I seriously feel like screaming and running around hopping, swirling, shouting and just make a total fool out of myself because I am so darn happy! Wait.... I do that almost every day! :D 

Let me start with MSP/PAL 

Image made by me for MSP

I found this wonderful place way too late! This is month 18 for me here on the platform and I found pall only a few months back! I wish, I so wish I had found them sooner because it has been a HUGE impact on my steemit life! Not only is MSP/PAL welcoming they are super helpful and there is always someone ready to answer all your questions! The people in that group are amazingly warm and friendly! I always say it with a smile on my face but, I really found a home with them! @aggroed really made a great group and all the admins are most amazing as well!  

The @MinnowSupport Project!


A few days ago I won the make a minnow contest and this is because of MSP! Every month they make a minnow very happy ( Sometimes even two) by granting them 10.000 SP for a month! I will get this in the first month of 2018 and I can not stop smiling! I am so thankful for all who voted for me because to me that shows I am doing good things for the platform! I will make sure to use the steem power in a good way with my curation ( more about this later). 


Thank you @aggroed for building this amazing community and giving so many of us a warm home on the chain! You and your group of admins are amazing souls and I feel blessed and thankful to know you all! 

Because I went into MSP I met @ma1neevent! Meeting him was a big change for my steemit adventures as well! 

The @ma1neevent interview show! 

Img made by me for @ma1neevent

It all started with an interview and it ended with me becoming a co-host on the show! Sometimes things happen for a reason and I for one feel very blessed and proud that I contacted Main and told him that I wanted to be a guest on his show! At that time, it was all pre-recorded but I was super and I mean SUPER nervous! You see, I am rather shy and if there is one thing I do not like to talk about it's me! But, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and change things so I had to do it! I never expected to find a wonderful friend like @ma1neevent but I did! In a short time, we became buddies and one day he asked me if I wanted to hop on the show again. I said yes, and the week after that one, I said yes again and I became a co-host! 

The @Ma1neEvent Interviews Radio Show
on @MSP-Waves! You can also chat along in the audience in the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Server, Home of the @MinnowSupport Project

With the radio show, we give steemians the chance to talk about their experience on Steemit and also to promote their projects! We welcome everyone from new to veterans. We have had some amazing guests this year and the list is still growing! It's a way for me to give something back to the platform by helping others get their names out! A BIG PLUS is working together with @ma1neevent because he is a true DJ and knows what he is doing! I learn from him next to having a wonderful friend in him! 

Thank you @ma1neevent for being such an amazing friend and for giving me a chance to explore the world of radio together with you! I hope 2018 will be again, a wonderful ride with amazing guests and funny moments! You are a true friend and I am blessed to have you in my life! 


I found out that I seriously am a word addict and I can't stop reading! 

So, why not combine two things as one! Read and curate while I am at it! I try my best to curate as many posts as I can during my day! I always aim to at least give out 50 votes a day, a few 100% and the rest a tad lower, 50%, 20%, and 15%. I do vote at a lower percentage because I want to vote more than just 10 times a day! I always try to vote for new members ( Into post ) and give them a warm welcome! Next, to that, you can find me in the art and poetry section a lot as well. I like these two sections a lot because my heart is into poetry and art as well. Of course, I go into other sections as well and try my best to curate there as well. 

As I mentioned before in this post, I won 10.000 sp and I will get that the first month of 2018! I am already working on a special curation plan for those weeks and I will keep everyone posted on what I do with that project! I can already tell the name of my one-month curation project! YOU JUST GOT SNEKKED! 

I do hope to be able to continue that project after the first month but I want to see how things go first before I make a promise like that! 

I love curating because to me it feels like giving back to the platform and in some cases, you can really change someone's day! The last few weeks my vote has been higher and honestly, it feels good! 

This brings me to SNEKKY! 

Gosh, how a sweet little sockpuppet can change your life for the better! One day, I was feeling down and because I needed a smile I create a puppet from two old socks not knowing she would become a HUGE reason for me to post here on Steemit! 

Snekky makes me happy with her weird ways and habits and I do hope that I can make many people smile when they watch her vlogs! She tried to type but... No fingers and all that.... She will play a huge part of my Steemit life in 2018 as well and I am looking forward to a special friend she will find! Keep your eyes and ears open for weird looking and walking socks! You never know what they are up to! 


I want to wish you all a marvelous and healthy 2018! 

May you all find amazing friendships and reasons to post! 

Remember that happiness also comes in little things! 

Never the less, let's hope that Steem and SBD will go to the moon! 

Thank you for all the support I have gotten during 2017! 

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it was a good year.

I have never had a sunflower talk to me before. Does this mean your not shy anymore, doing talk radio? Take care and have e a happy new year.

Happy new year to you

All is well that ends well.
Congrats on all your successes this year
Happy new year in advance

greetings leaving my vote up here, I hope in my blog thank yougiphy.gif

Beautiful sunflower picture.Wish you happy new year.

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Congrats on the msp. And I agree about pal. Great project.

Wish you a very very happy birthday dear

I'm glad you had a great year and found the PAL network. You've been one of my best friends since we met and started talking.