I'm getting married!

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Told you I still had good news to share!

So yes, I'm getting married! I'll disappoint you right away by telling you I don't have a big marriage proposal story, but that doesn't make me any less happy that it's happening.

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Basically, getting married now was born out of us buying a home together. The thing is, we've know we are great together for a long time already. We would never think about not spending the rest of our lifes together. There's just been so much happening for us (mainly moving a couple of times), there wasn't really any quiet time to really go 'Hmm, let's get married!'. Our perfect house showed up before we got to that point!

So what do you do when you're about to buy your dream house together? You start thinking about securities for each other. What happens to either of us if something bad happens to the other? We both want equal rights to the house without having any trouble with anyone if bad things do happen. Even by law, buying a house together requires some sort of official document to tie the two of you together. So for us, marriage is the best option.

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We'd been talking about it for a little while and basically while doing groceries, I asked "So, are we engaged now?", "I guess we are.". Oh yes I know, the most romantic thing ever, right?

Well, we don't do anything the normal way, so I guess this is exactly how it was supposed to go!

We're getting married on the 19th of june. A week before we officially buy our new house. It'll basically be in a small office in townhall with our parents. We can only bring 4 people, otherwise we'd have to do a bigger ceremony and that only means more money and me in the spotlights. We don't need that.

Instead, I figured we could host a little party/get-together in our home later that day and invite family and friends to stop by. Nothing special, just a few snacks and nice people. I'll combine it with my 30th birthday, which is on the 20th of june.

If those two things aren't a big enough reason to throw a party, even for me, then I don't know what is.

It's still a little surreal to be honest, because there's so much going on right now! Selling a house, buying a house and oh yeah, let's get married too!

It feels right though. It was only a matter of time anyway and this way, there's no stress about doing a small/big wedding or whatever. I don't like standing in the spotlights, so this is better for me. A party afterwards feels much more relaxed. I do want that small party, because it is a happy occasion and I want to give it a little bit of attention.

So, I'm getting married and I'm getting my dream house! I really do feel like the luckiest girl alive.

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congrats to you, all the best! :)

Thank you so much :D

Congrats @playfulfoodie! May you have a life time of happiness together! :)

Thank you so much! :D

Sounds perfect. Large weddings and fancy engagement stories always seem to have less to do with the couple and more about showing off. Enjoy!


Large weddings and fancy engagement stories always seem to have less to do with the couple and more about showing off.

Definitely true! We don't really need that luckily. Thank you so much :D

Oooh, congratulations! Can we have a DLive telecast? 😊

Can we also count on a virtual wedding for your ingame characters?

Thank you!

Can we also count on a virtual wedding for your ingame characters?

Hah, my fiance (gotta get used to using this word!) told me he was always the one performing weddings for his LOTRO guild and he can't very well talk us through his own wedding :D

Oooowwww congratulations, Foodie, I'm so happy for you <3 I always said you looked so happy together!

Aww thank you so much @honeydue! You called it :D

Congratulations to both of you and I look forward to an article about the wedding :P

It'll basically be in a small office in townhall with our parents. We can only bring 4 people, otherwise we'd have to do a bigger ceremony and that only means more money and me in the spotlights. We don't need that.

My parents had the same point of view until my grandmother (father's mum) came in and organized a giant family reunion. They were not happy about it, because, in the end, it was not a wedding at all, it was just a party full of people that they almost didn't know.

Thank you so much @pipiczech!

That's a shame about your grandmother taking over their special day. It's not a day you should spend with people you barely know, but hey, in the end being together for the rest of your life is what's most important :-)

I congratulate you on the Day of Wedding !!! I wish you good luck and health, so that you understand each other and make concessions mutually. Listen to the advice of others, but do so as it will be convenient and good for you. Happiness to you!

Gefeliciteerd!! Hoop dat jullie samen heel oud worden in dat huis!! 😀

Dank je! Ik hoop het ook :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Congrats. I love that in this day and age, people still get married. I am and I love it. Call me old fashioned :)

Thank you :D
Oh yes, I don't need a big ceremony around it, but I do still enjoy the idea of being able to call him my husband soon. Calling him my boyfriend for the rest of my life just wouldn't feel right!

Congratulations @playfulfoodie. Sounds like a wonderful plan all round! 😍

Thank you @gillianpearce. Yeah, I'm excited about it :D

Congratulations You don't need all the bells and whistles to know that you are right for eachother :D Engagements and weddings nowadays seem to be more about the party than the couple themselves. Wish you guys all the best with the marriage and the house

Thank you so much @xr-hammergaming :-)

Congratulations @playfulfoodie you're such a great woman indeed.. I wish you all the best of life and every good thing you deserve... Once again congrats

Aww thank you @valency1 :-)

Congratulations for such a huge milestone!

And I do agree that a small wedding is the best option, doing a big one would probably add too much stress, and since you 2 are already busy with the new house...

Are you going to upload some pics on steem? :P

Thank you! I definitely want to share pictures on Steemit of the big day. Just gotta remember I (or someone) have to shoot some :D

Congratulations! That honestly sounds like how it should be. Have a nice small wedding and not burden yourself with unneeded stress or debt having it. There are far more important things to build a wonderful life around. Sounds like you two have that one worked out! Again congratulation I hope both the wedding and the house buying days are beautiful!

Thank you so much!

There are far more important things to build a wonderful life around.

You are definitely right :D

Amazing news, foodie. An avalanche of great news. May your happiness know no end. Enjoy.


Thank you very much :-)

Congratulations! Making it small and intimate is a way to focus on what you both want for your life and on your real close friends and family. Throwing a huge party with hundreds of "friends" always seemed to me like a big show-off, especially when they ended up divorced after a year or two.

And enjoy your new house as well, always an exciting time! :)

Thanks @gamingstation!

Throwing a huge party with hundreds of "friends" always seemed to me like a big show-off, especially when they ended up divorced after a year or two.

That's exactly how I feel about it aswell. I'd rather focus on our life together and on our dream house :-)

And that is exactly my (our) plan as well. We've been living together for over 8 years now, have a 5 year old daughter and plan on getting married in a small, intimate reception for our close family. No more than 10 people, nothing fancy, just a way to make things official. :)

Papers don't really matter in the end, the relationship does :)

Congratulations @playfulfoodie I'm glad you took a big step.

Honestly, I would not like to be in a marriage, but I'm always glad when people manage to find the right person for that.

Thanks @colovhis!

It's all about finding the right person indeed. And for some people, that's a person who doesn't believe in marriage, like themselves :-)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wish you lots of love and wonderful wedding! <3

Thank you so much @inber! <3


Thank you! :D

congratulation dear

Thank you :-)

Everyone favorite foodie is getting married, wish you both unending happiness as you change your status and may you never lack be it financially or materially, when you wake up every morning it will look like the first day you fell in love and hence the happiness will continue stronger.

Can't say much but a big CONGRATULATIONS

Thank you so much for you kind words @otemzi!

Leuk!! van harte gefeliciteerd!

Dank je! :D

Congratulations on choosing a small ceremony and I admire the fact that it won't be lavish. Big weddings are exceptionally wasteful, in my opinion!

A laid back reception at home sounds like a lovely idea afterwards!

All the best for the future bride and groom to be!

Thank you so much for the kind words @holoz0r!

Big weddings are exceptionally wasteful, in my opinion!

Yeah, I agree. To be honest, the price we pay for this small one is already high enough and oh my gosh, rings are so expensive! I didn't pick the very cheapest one, but mine is near the bottom and I really had to shut down my brain while buying it, because I'm not much for spending so much money on anything. I guess it'll stick with me for the rest of my life though, so if you look at it like that... Guess the expensive ring is better than an expensive wedding!

Either way, our money is better spent on our new dream home :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Gratulations! And to be honest this article made me laught, because my parents has the same "romantics" story like you :D so you are really not the only one. Life is not a spanish telenovela. The most important thing, is that you like eachother, i guess :D

You're absolutely right! And hey, I have a nice 'How we met' story, so I'm all good on the story front! I should write about it some day... maybe soon!

Anyway, thank you so much! :D

You should! I dont hear sweet stories much :D

Hey! Congratulations!
What more can I say?

That's awesome!

I'm sending a gift your way!

Thanks @nonameslefttouse :D
You are so nice to send me a gift, I'm really grateful!

You're welcome.

Congrats! lol, your story is totally the same as mine. When we bought a house we were basically like "let's get this marriage thing sorted out as well then, shall we?" XD

Hollywood makes you believe that it always needs to be a gigantic gesture and all the pomp and circumstance and whatnot, but sometimes, it just makes sense to be practical about it.

Haha, yeah that's exactly how it went! I like being practical and this was just that, practical. Why spend money and effort on getting some legal document together and get married in the future, when you can just get married right away without the extra effort and money? You don't buy a house together if you're not planning to stay together, so it's pretty simple :D

Thank you very much!

Hey, that's awesome to hear! Congratulations!

Thank you! :D

You're very welcome! Make sure to have someone snap some pics so you can share them on here! I'm hoping my fiancee and I can get married these upcoming October. No idea if we'll have the money to get wedding rings or go on a honeymoon though since we're trying to find an apartment right now. Would be nice to see Steemit go up within a few months so I can make it happen, lol.

Oh yes, I should ask my future mother in law to snap some pictures!
We bought rings, but there's no honeymoon on the horizon. Our new house will be good enough though. It's on a recreational park and surrounded by trees, so it'll feel like vacation :D

I hope the crypto space will rise loads for you before your upcoming wedding!

Yeah, I feel like when you have a brand spanking new house in a good area you don't need a honeymoon, haha. I'd just like to go somewhere for a few days here in the US, as neither of us have had a vacation in almost 10 years. I'm just curious, did you guys get matching rings? I dunno what the etiquette is for wedding rings, but my fiancee wants something drastically different from what I want for our wedding band, lol.

I hope it does for all of us in general :P

We've not been on vacations as much as I would have liked either, but with this house on the horizon, I'm okay with that for now. Hope you find a nice house for the two of you aswell.

We didn't get matching rings. My boyfriend just wanted a simple wedding band and I wanted something to atleast break up a boring band, so mine has a little stone in it. It's completely up to you two to decide and screw etiquette :D

Yeah, she's kinda in the same camp as you. Wants a band with gemstones and wanted me to get one as well, to which I declined immediately, lol. I'm gonna go for a normal band but maybe in Titanium that's been anodized or something slightly fancy :P

Many gemstones meant way too much money for me, so I went with just the one. As long as there's something breaking up the boring band, I'm happy :D
Our rings are made from palladium, whatever that is. I guess it's longer lasting than something with just a silver shine on it. It'll have to last us a lifetime, right?

The money will surely come sir

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulation to you @playfulfoodie. You are indeed a lucky woman, it has been from one good news to another good new. I pray celebration will never depart from your house. Please get us involve on how it all goes. We hear love you. Once again, congrt

Thank you so much :D

Happy for you. Congratulations @playfulfoodie

Thank you @marvel1206 :D

Congratulations!! Big milestones for you coming all at once! I wish you and yours the best, with many lovely more experiences and steeming to come!

Thank you very much @motordrive :D

Happy married life in advance to my foodie!
Would love to have a slice of your wedding cake:D

My son got married the day before his birthday, too, so the two of you have that in common. They weren't buying a house together, though (he and his family live with us right now :)

You and I share birthday months. I won't be 30, though. Mine's on the 27th and I'll be turning 52. My wife and I will be married 30 years this January, so I guess that's where the 30 comes in.

No big deal on the big wedding. Save as much money as you can. You will need it at some point. And enjoy the day. May your union bring you both joy and happiness all the rest of your days. :)

Thank you so much @glenalbrethsen! My fiance is quite happy about our wedding taking place one day before my birthday. Easy to remember that way. Between you and me, I'm quite happy about that aswell!

Ooh married for 30 years, that is amazing! There are so many divorces happening, it's always great to hear about the ones that do stay together. Are you planning to celebrate the occasion?

Well, we haven't really talked about it, but I'm sure we'll do something. Fancy, I don't know, but something. We've typically made it out to dinner and a movie for most of the others, so that's the safest bet. However, who knows, I might actually surprise her with something else. Might depend on what STEEM does over the next eight months. :)

Good point! Dinner and a movie is always a nice time :D

Congratulations... Friend

Thank you :-)

Keep the foodie spirit alive!